Post 1 (Thoughts for Digital Story)

I assume for my digital story I will tell about my journey will mental disorders. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, as well as a tic disorder. I have struggled with this for many years and take medication to help me. Since then, I am doing better but the medication doesn’t take the disorder away. My time at college so far has been great. I love the atmosphere and the fresh start. I have only now started to really feel the change effecting my mental health. With all the homework from each class I take one could only imagine my anxiety and stress. To gather everything I need for my digital story I plan to look at past events by finding pictures or mementos, possibly consult those who have known me for some time, and maybe even just try to recall some of those meaningful parts of my story. My story is unique because it is my story, but can be similar to anyone who has ever struggled with a mental disorder. I can connect on both sides in that I was diagnosed young, because I was diagnosed with a tic disorder while only being in fifth grade, but also in that it took many years before my illness was discovered. (This being my anxiety and depression which I didn’t see a health professional about until the summer before my senior year in high school.) 
 I could also mention in my digital story how I am a first generation college student. This also effects my story of who I am and how I got to where I am today. Both sides of my family are ‘small town folk’ who don’t venture too far off from their roots. I grew up on my grandparent’s farm while my parents worked. I could see how your education put you at a certain level. Neither of my grandparents graduated from high school. My parents, on the other hand, did. I knew that they all worked hard, but their hard work didn’t pay out the same. I was raised with the fact that I would attend college one day, and was often told I would be a doctor or even president one day. So you can see how my family has had very high expectations for me ever since the beginning. Obviously, I am not going to be either of those things but I do inspire to end up with a career I am passionate about and one that will make my family proud. I do not know what that career is yet, but I am anxiously waiting to discover the path for me. 
 Other parts about me that make my story mine are: I am female, I am an only child, I am from European heritage, and how I am very, very close to my grandmother and aunt on my mother’s side. I joke that I have three moms because they all act the motherly part at times, but my aunt usually tends to be more like an older sister. Sometimes not having any siblings gets very boring or lonely, but I know I have my aunt or dog Lance to fill the role. My family adopted Lance the summer before my sophomore year, and has helped me through so much. He is where I turn when I’m feeling down or overwhelmed. Being in college and unable to see him has been one of the hardest parts for me. But, I am very excited because I am actually going to see Lance this Friday. He is a Rat Terrier-Chihuahua mix and is quite overweight (to give you a mental picture of him). Lance has really been a huge help with my anxiety and depression. He makes me happy and laugh every day. I can’t imagine if we had never found Lance.