Love and Liberty

Hiru Ahuja
Jul 16, 2018 · 11 min read

In one of his write-ups titled “ SUPER ‘HU’ MAN ” as cited on business blog of premium web domain sales website rideonluck, Jay talks of dormant knowledge and undermined superhuman abilities. One of the major constituents of this ‘Superhumanity’ is the formula of L L LL LL, for lucidity like stagnant water on floor losing surface tension, L6.

On expansion ░ L [Love]:- This speaks of altruism i.e. one is required to love others and not discriminate on the basis of any dissimilarity like that of gender, caste, religion, opinion, etc. This does not imply appeasement, undue buttress, endorsement e.g. undue support and commendation of any sect for vote bank creation by politicos. Rather, if any outfit or syndicate does not fit the criteria of sects must not be identified or categorized as a sect but denied recognition and denounced of what it factually is. This would prevent ‘wolf in the hide of sheep’ hence love will prevail with scope for none to loathe. This is because wolf may creep in under sheep’s hide, and a s to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and as a dirty fish spoils whole pond and create toxicity. So, there should be love for adorable and indifference for evil. Loathing, however, must be avoided altogether, it being an adverse sentiment diminishing energy production and shrouding or suppressing beneficial sentiments evolution and sustenance. This love and indifference with barring of loathing can definitely keep one unfazed, unflappable, unflinching, etc., hence what can remain is only bliss and satiation. Besides, loathing is a result of wrath hence both must be avoided altogether. While Love awards or begets Dignity, hence, must be cultivated for all good.

Similar activity holds good of fetching water for a water source, including information exchange on the information of existence and location of any water source. Food and water being primary to be procured necessities of the times, services to procure them can be the only the first barter possible, followed by other such barter transactions i.e. that of food and water being rampant and established in the human society. And during the initial stages of human communication the genders known as male and female and even the third genders possible were like females though of less interest of both men and women, and being in minority probably suffered reckless disregard as evident with their current condition anywhere in the globe including the 1.25 Billion populace strong Union of India as on date, even after the recognition of their gender by the Honorable Supreme Court of the Country. This however requires much attention an d all the benefits awarded to other communities in political interest should be transferred to this gender which any intellectual human being talking of equal opportunity is an advocate of including the author.

▓ How to believe that feeling good or meditation or brain programming or likewise can really boost one’s strength, increase their life-span or can do anything favorable at all?

░ Assume ‘Adam’ is a meek and feeble flunky serving his masters Oliver, Jacques and Orlando, seems hopeless, weary, incompetent and exhausted. Now assume, Adam discovers a huge treasure and becomes 10000 times wealthier than his masters at his age of 62, after having served them for 47 years, i.e. since his age of 15. fully faithful, compliant, adaptable, cult following and likewise. But after attainment of this fortune, say to the tune of US$ 100 Bn, though there might be some physical and mental reactions taking place within him with tremor, palpitations, etc. for some time, but after being full normal, say, a fortnight later, how can one expect his health to be? This question within itself covers both physical and mental aspects i.e. physical and mental health.

All this is owing to his ‘feeling good’, ‘satiated’, auto-programming by brain to gain confidence, strength, liveliness, agility and all what it takes to be powerful which is the outcome of his fortune procurement would reverse his personality. He would start making future as he has now got the power to do much and the fading brain would gain more consciousness with desires and power and the whole body functioning under brain control and hence will get programmed to live longer and with agility.

░ L [Live]:- This speaks of being supple at he same time evasion of holding or observing unnecessary principles, policies or practices, which if not performed in their own way ( i.e. not in one’s natural way ) may give rise to frustration and fear, like superstition gives.

▓ Now, how to know how to live?

There must definitely be some discipline and hence cannot shun off everything and live nay way, perform any deeds and hold any opinion. Then how to find the right living path? It is simple, utterly simple to understand. One should perform those deeds towards as they think those others would like for themselves, and in case such required deeds conflict one’s own temperament of acceptance or that of the mass at large, then at least those deeds can be performed towards which one would accept to be performed for themselves under the same given circumstances of others towards whom the deeds are to be performed. thus, if one does not want themselves or their own offspring to be subjected to extortion and child labour respectively, then they should fully refrain from such practice. This will ensure satisfaction of one’s human conscious making them feel free of sin and illegitimacy, hence here too, what remains is bliss and satiation. There are no hard and fast morals and legitimacy laws but it all is dependent upon time/age/era and the local norm thereupon. This is why during these times gay rights and marriages got acceptance and protection first in the countries/lands/locations such as the US, etc., followed by similar acceptance by others, to the likes of India. Hence, if not hurting or harming others, all should be allowed their own choices and preferences and should not be expected to compromise their own wishes and willingness. This is because whatever laws are made, are made in the compliance or temperaments notions of one or a very few lawmaker(s) who is/are human being(s) and not the Universal Being.

Hence no human has the right to pass any moral judgments on personal lives of others, hence if one’s conscious allows and compels to behave or to perform any deed in any way, they may go on in their own interest by any means, may be undercover, as it is in their interest and not in the interests or disinterests of others. Hence when one realizes their fundamental human rights and in a natural manner detaches themselves from undue rules, customs, morals etc. imposed by others on them, guilt feel never emerges and the person attains true liberty of soul making them feel like immortals, and from here starts their journey towards life span expansion.

Besides this, such living also makes one realize the value of liberty and hence gets liberal for others too, thereby paving the way of their acceptance by all and all’s acceptance by them, hence only harmonious relations may prevail creating true Humanhood and eliminating evils like hypocrisy, autocracy, selfishness, tyranny, injustice, unethical rivalry, egotism, scepticism, envy, deceit, etc. with overall extremely low crime rate.

Living, under this section, also stands for living with the most suitable options in a given time and situation. Hence, like clerics in India donning ancient attire in a row for thousands of years generation after generation which is quiet uneasy, difficult to carry, makes no sense. Liberty to them and acceptance of their wishes to perform any thing anyway at their own discretion, but efforts can be made by the wise and witty to educate them as they make in educating the deprived students, with their full consent of course. Now if they adopt modern and easy attire it would bring them in the main stream and would make their job and life easy and they abide by the current situation or the facilities made available to them by divinity and ’desh-kaal’ or ’land-era’ advisory of Lord Krishna is adhered to.

░ [Let Live]:- If one accepts others’ wishes and willingness for those others themselves, then their frustration and all discomforts along with adverse events and incidents like honour killings may cease to exist. This also calls for legalization of prostitution, gender determination before birth, sexual orientation, performing religious acts like Sikhs wearing turbans and bearing rapiers, etc. in all the geographies of the world, and even beyond if and when the need be, as human rights. For gender determination, even those who make excuse of cardio-vascular activities as being starting after 4 weeks may follow their own psyche in their own case, but be disciplined not to intervene in others’ matters so that they do not attract counter-interference or any other reaction. For those who only learn by example, may take the instance of the US, the famous country of immigrants, with people from different locations worldwide and with greatest degree of diversity with highest number of streams or schools of thoughts existing. But as all types are accepted and barely anyone forces themselves on others and they give space to every opinion and vice-versa, hence is the most developed, richest and the only super power in the world today and there exists utmost unity in diversity and hence though USSR got split due to extremism while USA sustained every splitting plots and attacks. All this is when the US too is not perfectly on the right track owing to lack of knowledge or wisdom, like, with a bit of racial discrimination and the like, so imagine if adopts L6, what else could be, except the ‘Havoc Of Bliss And Blessings’. Not even unbalanced sex ratio, contrary to the likes of India where male part is higher, the female part is higher rather. This proves, bondage begets bondage and liberty begets liberty. This ‘Havoc of Bliss and Blessings’ is called ’Jay’s Pleasing Catastrophic Effect’.

This also sets one free from avenge/revenge and similar adverse sentiments which haunt them for a long time, more often than not up to life time, distract them from pursuing the path of self development and advancement. Hence the optimum measure in this regard is to adopt ’Let Live Policy’ under which one through meditation and other activities eliminates the adverse sentiments which induce taking undue harmful steps, and comes under logical mode and evaluates the situation as to who to prosecute, how and when, or adopting any other mode of teaching lesson or making up with the offenders. So Let Live Policy does not bind one with others, on the contrary unravels any ties or knots of malicious bonds or connections. All this gives peace of mind from adversities, and hence vigour and storm in mind for favorable or beneficial deeds and actions is generated, thereby making it a Super Powerful Brain.

░ [Lose Lust]:- Just as losing excessive weight makes one healthy, losing lust makes one super healthy and hyper active or lively and relieves them from all phobias, manias, frustration, distractions and other ill effects of lust whether primary, or incidental/ancillary.

Now, what is ‘Lust’?

Consider the following statements → ’ Orthodox Clerics lust after sacred books to secure more and more of pious information.’ Similarly, ‘B-school graduates lust after lucrative jobs.’

So here, it is evident that lust stands for desires and not only kinky or erotic desires that lead to the so called ‘original sin’.

The same lust is referred as kaam in a sacred book which was even gifted by the acting Prime Minister of Union of India to his Japanese counterparts claiming that he gifts only this to anyone where ever he goes as there is nothing better than this to be awarded to humanity and there is nothing better than this to be attained by Humanity.

However as every syndicate tries to gain superiority, hence there might be envious elements to this sect who maliciously mis-conveyed the meaning of this kaam or this type lust i.e. generic desires to so called the basic instinct or erotic desires only by manipulating sacred text with the aid of a few traitors to the sect.

Similarly, the meaning of raas leela which stands for mere amusement and entertainment activities like child-plays, dancing during spring, swinging on swings dangling from trees at the advent of autumn, skits, admiration of nature as dawn break or sunset or rain and likewise. As it is that raas stands for rasa or enjoyment/pleasure e.g. several forms of rasas in classical music, acting and literature, e.g. Chhand Rasa,(Music), Veebhats Rasa (Acting), Kaavya Rasa (Literature), etc. Hence Raas Leela of old is restricted to child-play, dance with sakhas and sakhis (pals/buddies), like the Dandiya Dance which isindigenous to the Indian subcontinent, and similar other entertainment activities. Now while Leela stands for activities/actions hence raas leela stands for entertainment related activities which are purely innocent in nature. Had it not been so Vyatsana would be Raas Leela Hero and not Kanha.

Now being enlightened, with equating lust here to generic desires, how to lose or leave it and after why?

This can be done by focusing on the better option when there is sheer desire of one thing. Like, if in an individual emerges immense desire of making quick and easy money, they may go for a better option of desiring both fame and money and too at a much higher degree at some later stage by making pragmatic plans for attainment of them. This is because whatever is desired cannot be accomplished right away, but if one persists desiring the same way they resort to action in the pursuit of attainment of them for instant results which may not be possible within that time frame and hence lead to sinful activities for short-cuts which attract all sorts of adversities and penalties. Hence going in for a superior option may allay their immediate result seeking desire by procrastination of attainment of the desired with an enhanced status for a later instance of time. This helps in gaining patience. After all, when one becomes veraciously wise, they have nothing superior than the factual knowledge of spirituality and divinity and of their own existence and purpose and all the end results and commencement of everything along with the existence stage, hence at this stage they are already at supreme or/and attained the supreme, hence automatically lose the inferior material desires and become indifferent aka ’Sam Bhaav’ to all the situations and are at par true eternal bliss and satiation with non-negotiable energy.

But as it is, that all cannot perform or gain the same spirituality or status for the cause of manifold restrictions, hence opting superior option with results at a later time instance is the best policy adoption with pragmatic and result oriented exertions in the same direction without any deviation, is quiet easy.

So the common notion regarding this i.e. ‘it is easier said than done’ does not hold good here, after and only after attainment of true wisdom, and kaam or generic desires automatically stay at bay.

And as karma oraction is superior to anything and among all actions tyag or abstinence is supreme. Hence the ‘action of abstinence’ is at the apex when called forth. For e.g., while making decision to whether or not to award a deserving candidate in a contest when contended by own close, say, next of kin who is undeserving.

Thus, the L6 formula makes one achieve everything with purely scientific, purely spiritual and factual methodologies and thereby eliminating all superstitions, delusions and illusions and thereby making them purely pragmatic and most likely to succeed.

This is also significant as in order to deal with ’desires’, one either has to make situations comply with them or make themselves situation compliant. And as Dinosaurs could not comply with the situation (environmental change) and neither had the capacity to make situation comply them, hence got extinct. But different individuals posses different levels of potential, besides no individual is omnipotent to deserve and reserve whatever they desire, hence the above methodology including abstinence or ’Tyag’ is the optimum Superhumans’ choice.

Now after successful implementation of the L6 formula, the base for commencement of actions towards the object of becoming a Superhuman is absolutely ready.

On an ongoing mode we also see the world culture changing even in the third world countries as bachelorette or spinsters parties in vogue and demand of relevant items in all these places where culture is changing like penis cake in Delhi and so on. So attainment side is more dominant these days.

Thus, we see that it is all ‘Liberty’ whether own or of others, that leads to freedom of body, mind and soul in a living being, and Superhumanity. This is called ‘Jay’s Statute Of Liberty’.

Under Publishing license from rideonluckDOTcom

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