My Experiences in Creating a Research Management Tool

I am a Software Engineering Undergraduate at the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. I am writing this blog to share my experiences on our group project.

In this semester (3rd year 1st semester) we have a module name Application Frameworks. In this module, we have been given an assignment where we have to do a group project using React Technologies. The project which was given to us was a Research management tool for the students who are doing their research in their final year. In the system, we have divided the roles mainly into 4 types: Admin, Students, Supervisor, and Co-supervisor. The Admin is the person who acts in the main role. He manages and maintains the system from the backend. The student is the user who uses the system to keep track of their research projects. The supervisor and Co-supervisor help the group of students to complete the research project by providing necessary guidance and support.

Setting Up the Project

First, we discuss and divided the scope of the project with the group members vertically, so that every member is responsible for the end-to-end implementation of a particular feature. I was responsible for user management. As we had to choose react technologies we decided to create a mern project. We had to implement the database from MongoDB. The frontend is developed using React and we had to use Express and Node as we were going to create a mern project. We referred to the lecture materials and lab materials which were provided for the module and we also refer to some of the external sources available on the internet as references in building this project and to gather knowledge about the react technologies.

Starting the project

After gathering the knowledge which we need for this project, we started the project by creating the repository on Github, and we uploaded the necessary files to start the project as it will be easy to everyone to work on the project. After creating the repository every member clone the repository so that they can start working on their parts of the project.

Designing the REST APIs

I designed the REST APIs for the users. I had to create APIs for 4 users: Admin, Student, Supervisor, and Co-supervisor. I created the login, registration, updating, and deleting APIs for the respective users in the system. After creating them I tested the APIs using the postman application to check whether the APIs are working together with the MongoDB. I was uploading my work weekly into the repository and every other member in the group followed the same methods and they also pushed their changes to the repository. In the end, we will be able to integrate the whole backend of the research management tool and now we have to create the frontend of the project.

I gained so much knowledge and experience from this project. It helped me to improve my Leadership skills, knowledge, and team working ability.

So we have reached the end of my blog. I guess readers will find it interesting and will gather knowledge by reading my blog. Let’s meet from another interesting blog, till then keep gathering knowledge..!




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