How to configure word press fireauth

Hirudini Udugama
Nov 29, 2019 · 3 min read

First you should activate “fireauth” plugin in your word press web site.

  1. Select add new in plugins menu
  2. Search “fireauth” in search area

3. Click install now button

4. Click activate button


First you should create a Firebase application.

Go to Firebase console and click on add project.

  1. Create a new Web Application in Firebase.

Click web icon there and register your app by giving a name. If you want to host you can click Firebase hosting there.

2. Copy below data from the script

3. Enable Facebook and Google Authentication in Firebase.

Click authentication in develop menu.

Click sign-in method

You can enable Google and facebook and save it by providing a relevant email address.

4. Go to fireauth settings in your word press web site.

Copy Firebase Config JSON that you copied and paste with values.

5. Then you should generate a new private key for the app.

In Firebase console select service accounts tab and click on generate new primary key button. Again press generate key button. Then your private key will be generated and downloaded.

6. Copy this private key and paste on Firebase Service Config JSON area in word press fireauth menu.

Click on save changes button.

7. Select widgets in appearance menu. In fireauth Login Widget select relevant footer that you want and click add widget button.

8. Now you can check fireauth in front end.

Hirudini Udugama

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Undergraduate at University of Moratuwa

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