In the beginning of this year, I had a resolution to write an article on any topic once a month, but we’re at the end of the year already and I figured that I haven’t written anything in 2017. This is to break that jinx and all that is holding me back. #postItAnyways

The challenges

During the year, I have had ideas of topics to write about, in fact, I have some stories in my Medium’s draft waiting to be published but my major challenges were:

  • Writer’s block: Anytime I start to write after 10 minutes of constantly writing, I get stuck or lose interest. I start to delete things I have written, trying to rephrase or restructure it and with that I lose the drive to finish that…

If you have been developing for the web for a long time, you must have heard about ES6 or ES2015 by top or addicted JS developers. There has been so much hype about ES6 and how it is going to make javascript a better programming language.

Well, this weekend I wanted to build a simple node module, and I decided to use ES6 so that I can learn the new language. To my utmost surprise, I was able to build the module — slack-history-export — using ES6 and now I have fallen in love with it.

Learning ES6

Learning ES6 was pretty easy for me. I had not worked with ES6 before, but I was able to build and publish a module. One major factor that I presumed made that possible was that I had a deep understanding of ES5 so concepts like classes, spread, promises in ES6 were not hard for me to comprehend. Anytime I got stuck, I would just google what it was I wanted to do or the challenge and amazingly I got answers. …

Because something was broken, and I needed to fix it for my own purposes anyway — why not share it with others in the same boat.
Oli Allen

Having open source libraries as a developer has been something with great value. In most programming job applications, link to open source project that was worked happens more frequently now.

Below are some of Vpereira’s answer on StackOverflow about the importance of contributing to open source.

  • Makes you learn more
  • Shows your development skills to the world
  • Gives a good impression about you that you work with development because you love it. …


Idowu John Abimbola

An exceptional developer, avid writer. On the path to making the world a better place. you can reach out to me on twitter via @hisabimbola

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