[announcement]Modifying Continuity Rules on Node Failure

Daisuke Hisamatsu | MCH
Jun 25 · 1 min read

We will change the continuation method after the maintenance tomorrow.The reason is that under the current rules of “Buying GUM for Stamina Recovery & Node Re-challenge” there is a risk that it will be judged as gambling under Japanese law. Please understand that we need to change the rules so that we can continue to operate our business in MCH.


・Eliminating Continues with GUM
・Only Prime members can continue 5 times a day without using GUM or stamina.
・Regardless of the number of times left on the previous day, the continuity will be restored 5 times at [UTC]0:00 every day.

[Maintenance period]

[UTC] 2:00–2:30 July 26th (Wed)

- — — —
*The content of the announcement is subject to change.
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