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You must be wondering how this works

When continuously in an environment that is busy and constantly on the move, the pattern of keeping up becomes registered in the brain as a normal state of being.

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Anxiety is a useful emotion that is out of our control

Anxiety may not be everyone’s favored emotion but is not actually bad; it may be uncomfortable or disordered sometimes however, it has its functions. Anxiety is designed to help us avoid danger.

We are supposed to feel anxious when we need to know that something is important to us — a few hours to that big job interview that you need to ace or the night before your final exams, you may feel anxious and this anxiety is letting you know that you need to prep, study…

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Salat, the ultimate mind-body connection

Hajo Isa

There are 3 things I am passionate about: Trauma Healing||Child Protection||Migrants

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