A solution for being lost at sea

Being lost in life is an experience that we all share. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. Hopefully you experience it while you’re young. I believe we’re all making this up as we go along, so it’s only fitting that if you are in charge of your ship with no map handed to you; you will get lost at sea. Naturally, we seek direction and want to be on the right path. But when we’re lost at sea, or worse, lost at sea and there’s a storm on the horizon, there’s a desire to push our ship through at any cost to get back on track. When our ship doesn’t progress, we sometimes turn to distractions to fill the void, causing it to sink or worse, stay lost forever. I’ve learned if I trust myself, when all seems lost, I do one thing. I anchor my ship or stop sailing. I sit still even if that incoming storm is set to hit me dead on. This is how I manage life and is the only way to move forward.

In these moments of being lost at sea, the pain and suffering can be unbearable, whatever the situation. We make hasty decisions to push forward but the incoming storm winds push us back. We try to push through it again, but our grit and force only causes the force of the wind to push back harder. We seek another route as the pain and sense of hopelessness is so raw, that in our desperation to get back on course, we now seek comfort. We lean towards religion, friends, family, work, girls, guys, old habits, vices etc. These outlets have the ability to guide our own ship but only you can take yourself out of your situation. This is your experience. This is your ship. Seeking comfort is fine, (all in moderation) but how long will it keep me from making my own decision to help me navigate these waters? I have no desire to prolong this experience, however, I’ll treat it as such.

When you’re lost, sit still. The route will reveal itself. Know what you want, then take a step back and anchor your ship or stop sailing. Trust that the storm will pass or the answer will reveal itself before the storm even hits. Sit through the rawness of this experience to gain insight and make the much needed changes to your map for your next destination. It’s okay to be tossed and turned and thrown out to sea by a storm if it’s coming your way. Swim back to your ship, learn a lesson and stand a little taller. This ship belongs to you and you should fight for it. It stays afloat as long as you let it. You’ll be tempted to sail back, creating unnecessary distractions and re-chartering an already chartered course, but why go through what you’ve already sailed through? Why even create another experience when you know in your heart this isn’t right?

It’s okay not to enjoy the feeling of being lost at sea, but sit still. Embrace it. When your ship is still, the best route presents itself to you when you’re ready. A storm may toss you out but it does not have the ability to break your ship. If anything, it will make it more durable and able for the next adventure, because at the end of the day, that’s what this ship is made for.