# Just Start: Music For Life

Every person in life, at one stage, tends to love music by either being a vocalist, playing guitar, keyboard or by being a playback singer. Just as a body without a soul is dead, similarly for some people , life without music is nothing but dull. So is my case. Apart from being an entertaining vocalist I always felt that I should learn to play “Guitar” so that i am capable of performing by myself without being held back once i no longer have my college’s band.

I’ve always desired to be a guitarist along with being a vocalist because one can’t beat the ways in which the guitar can help you explain your feelings, at times, when no one is capable to understand you. Various strings, when picked in unique patterns, sometimes makes me feel as light as a feather such that with every string I pick my worries just vanish into thin air like they never happened.

As the quote says:

I play guitar because it’s cheaper than therapy”.

However, once I got admitted in university I no longer had the time for learning guitar. Mostly owing to the fact that I got so much indulged in my university life i.e quiz, mid terms, assignments, projects and final exams that for me, not only learning guitar, the guitar itself became a tool that i no longer cared for.

Now in order to get back to my old habit, which really is hard to forget, I decided to start learning how to play guitar. For this purpose the first and foremost thing I did was that I started downloading tutorials from the internet since I already had a guitar. Although it was not easy to find the best tutor online however, I did succeed in doing so because where there is will there is a way.

Snipped image from one of the tutorials

The moment the tutorial was downloaded i started watching it. First thing that i learned were the guitar components along with various names of guitar chords. Once I was done with this, the next difficult thing was to learn the finger placement for every particular string. This part where various finger positions was to be learned was the most difficult part for me because with every changing lyrics of the song the guitar chord changed, thereby, forcing my fingers to rub against the metallic wires of guitar. Soon within 3 to 4 days i was able to learn basic guitar chords, which however did cause damage to my finger tips. Now the third most difficult part waited ahead for me because in this part I had to learn smooth transition of my fingers from one cord i.e A major to E minor or vice versa. Although I’ve mentioned only 2 chord names, there are more than just these. You keep changing your finger positions and the number of chords just keep on increasing like sand falling through an hourglass.

The moment I mastered playing a chord and it’s smooth transition onto the next one I felt like a rockstar ready to put the stage on fire.No doubt that while learning i was so much enthusiastic that i didn’t care whether my fingers were hurting or not. But this was just a beginner’s luck. Real pain started when i picked up my guitar the next day for practice and the moment i placed my fingers on the guitar I freaked out. This was due to the fact that the strings have left temporary marks on my fingers which were not healed by that time. So. now I started growing impatient saying to myself that when will my fingers heal and when will I again start practicing. However, the thought of me day dreaming regarding playing guitar in front of a large gathering made my worries wash away until I felt those line marks in the top of my finger tips.

Soon i realized that although playing guitar looked easy, however, there is a huge difference between watching someone play guitar and learning a guitar for yourself. While playing guitar i learned that things seem to be pretty much easier as long as you are not the one doing it but the thought that kept me going is that after every hardship comes happiness.

“ It’s easy to stand with the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone”.

My next steps are to keep learning with the passage of time until I reach that level of perfection where I just have to listen to music and my hands automatically adjust themselves on the chords according to the lyrics.