Maximizing Your Career

“Do you want to know few steps regarding maximizing your career”, I asked my friend. At first he saw my face and with a laugh he replied,” Bro currently I just want to complete my B.Sc. If you have any tip regarding that please let me know”. An utter silence was observed until I said,”please go die”. This is the beauty of a having friends. One can say anything in any context regardless of the text that he will mind my wording.

Listening to my answer, a laughter roar through the classroom and once we have laughed to our full my friend asked me,” Go on shoot the tips. Atleast we will have something positive to talk about”. Upon this I started with the tip that,”Find your passion and align it with your career”, which means that do what your heart wants you to do in near future rather than listening to other people and waiting for them to choose a career path for you. Secondly, I told him that,”Own your decisions and try to put time into what you want to do”. The moment I ended my sentence he gave me a hysterical laugh and replied,”the day I start putting my time in the decisions I make, believe you me that I will be able to top in my Bachelors program”. However, I brainstorm him regarding this tip after which his eyes sparkled and it seemed like he was willing to own his decisions from now on rather than ridiculing every other person that helped him take such decisions.

Continuing my tips I suggested him to “Find a mentor and manage his relationship strategically”. He looked at me with a poker face and I knew that he did not understand the context of this tip. I explained by telling him that whenever you go in an organization try to find a person whom you think is best suitable for the job and knows a lot regarding his field of work. Request him in a humble manner to help you learn by mentoring you whenever he gets time. In this way neither will he be offended nor will you seem to be disrespecting him for his time.

Last but not the least I suggested him “Not to opt for PhD if he wants to become and entrepreneur or wants to work in a corporate sector”. Now this was the time I was expecting a pun from his side which I got and I quote,”Seriously dude. I don’t even plan on doing MS and you are talking to me about PhD.” Explaining my point I told him that I am telling you this because only opt for PhD when you want to become a lecturer in a college or university. Other than this try to avoid this as much as possible.

Upon listening to my tips although he showed some concerns, however, I was able to satisfy him as much as possible and told him to feel free to contact me if required.