The Richest Poor Man

Getting a chance to read an autobiography of Abdul Sattar Edhi it came to my understanding that Edhi sb always followed, in my view, the first principle of progress i.e. “Amal” very effectively. Whenever he saw someone in dire need of his services he never left his side. Even in his childhood he used to roam the streets looking for handicapped and destitute persons.

Secondly, most of the people in this world start to know themselves i.e “Khudi” once they reach 15 to 16 years of age. However, Edhi sb exploit his childhood in determining the fact that he really loved helping deprived people rather than spending his time in educating himself. This thing led him to save his income in order to use them for the greater good i.e

helping humanity. Also at 11 years of age Edhi sb took a job in a cloth market and also helped his mother in collecting and along with this job he helped his mother in collecting the profits from her business share depicting the third principle of progress i.e “Kam kam aur bs kam”.

Edhi sahab providing Ambulance service

The most important thing that I learnt from Edhi sb is that “Humanity has no religion”. I love this example set by Edhi Sahab because in this world of ours where people are fighting over religions and various sects. he stresses upon the fact that in emergency situations it does not matter from what sect, religion, caste or country does one belong, what matters the most is that he is a human being and it is our first and foremost duty to help him.

Depicting various life incidents of Edhi’s life

Relating these principles with my life, I still remember that day when i saw my board result for 9th class for the first time. To my surprise, i was barely able to 80 percent marks. Next day when i visited school my homeroom teacher called me in the staff room and said “ seeing your attitude in class i am willing to put my repute on the line that you won’t be able to maintain even this percentage next year”. This was the very moment when I, for the very first time, felt what being ashamed meant.

From that day i promised myself that i will prove my homeroom teacher wrong and planed my schedule based on my full potential. I burnt my midnight oil and remained patient as well as consistent in order to obtain my goal, which was, to obtain 90 percent marks in my 10th exams. Finally, i gave my exams and then waited anxiously for my result. As it is an old saying that “ hard work never goes unrewarded”.

I still remember it clear as day when our principal called out my name in front of the whole school telling them that i scored 92 percent marks in my board exams and stood second in school and at that very moment i saw my homeroom teacher applauding madly because for him it was something out of the blue however, for me it was my will to carve success that kept me going.