When A Book Leads To Love

Akron Public Library Main Branch AkronStock.com Copyright Shane Wynn

I’ve always had an affinity for books, especially my favorite stories, like the Harry Potter series, but I never cherished them the same way a true bibliophile would at the opportunity to find a first edition of a beloved author’s work. Let me say, however, my bookcase at home is filled to the brim with books. Mostly those were collected over the years as a result of my college education, and as a result a majority of those have only been half-read if that. Even though I haven’t read most of the works that grace my shelves, I’m still partial to them and don’t want to relinquish them in the belief that one day I will read them all. For what it’s worth I have started making my through some of them!

Since becoming a librarian and spending a majority of my time among stacks of books things have changed and I think I’ve fallen in love with the book. Specifically, the sweet enchantment happened when I was asked to start ordering books for a collection. Being able to choose books that you like can be challenging enough, but to be asked to choose books that others will want to read is a totally different story! A book about the history of wedding festivities sounds interesting to me…but will other people enjoy that same nerdiness? Or how about time-traveling dinosaurs? I read through the book catalogs and made suggestions the best I could considering both my own affinity for it, and at least a hopeful belief that others would too. This is what led me to the path of becoming a bibliophile.

As the books I ordered begin to arrive in the library, and are set out on the stacks I wish the best for my “children”. I want people to pick them up and love their stories. I hope to have people them bring them back and tell me how fantastic a read it was. In short, I love these books and I want the best for them. I’ve never had dashing good looks or been a fashionable dresser, but I’d love to know if I have good taste in books. Inevitably there will be hundreds of books on library shelves that won’t be checked for a year or longer, but I don’t want that fate for my books. Their stories drew me in and I want others to share in that wonderment.

I wish card catalogs were still used. In truth, this is solely for the fact that I could turn to the back of the book and see the love of that volume visually stamped on it’s check-out card. This, of course, being proof it left the hallowed halls of the library. Every time I see a book of mine checked-out I feel like a proud parent to be sure. Regardless of the circulation numbers for those books, I have been smitten by the book and it’s most definitely a life-long partnership.