Art of Selling

#12th May ’17

One of the best selling experiences.

After the end of college, as every person gets excited for freedom in life.

He gets even more excited about the fact that he has to never look back — or #read those bulky college books.

And the interesting cut-deal about this is that, HE/SHE collects all those hefty books from the undiscovered shelves and extinct places just so, it can be sold in the second hand book store market.


A day before my final exam, I put all those bulky books in a bag, very much ready to sell it.

Once the exam was done.

I first tasted the freedom living — which was one of the most desired things in my life.

Then, went on to the next exciting thing, eliminating those massive mind-cracking books which I was never interested to study.

So, I headed to the only popular second hand book store in Chennai — The Moore Market.

It was a late-evening around 8:15 p.m. when I reached the market.

Everybody was shutting down their shops.

I just had 15 mins to sell about 25 books. (As the market closing time was 8:30 p.m.)

When I was parking my bike — Vespa (One of the Luxurious Scooters in India), one of the shopkeeper looked at me as a prospective person for scamming.

#Scamming — As he thought I’m a rich lazy lad who understands the value of the books as a piece of JUNK!

He invited me very courteously to his store.

As it was the closing time, I approached him.

He opened the bag and started looking at the books with its editions.

As the editions were old, ranging from 2001–05’s, it gave him an opportunity to say that the value of the books is very nominal.

His Reason: Nobody buys OLD Edition Books!

I was like,”I know! But, I used these old edition books to prepare for my semesters.”

Still, he continued explaining about the outdated editions.

The Next Big Question he popped,”What price do you have in your mind?”

I simply behaved like an amateur and said,”You say!”

He again asked me, and I repeated the same words.

Then, the neighbour shopkeeper approached and sneaked into the conversation.

They both discussed and started saying that all these books are outdated and will not sell more than Rs. 150.

I was bummed.

For a second, I thought — Seriously, Is this why, I came here, I mean for Rs. 150.

They again argued together saying that this is the maximum price they can offer.

I previously assumed that the book value will be around Rs. 500, but Rs. 150 was unexpected.

And then, I started understanding the psychological aspect of this soon-to-happen-transaction.

I said to myself — This guy perceives me as a rich guy and so I think, he is offering this low price.

Next, the salesmen attitude kicked-in.

I said,”I’m at least thinking a price of Rs. 200.”

He seemed to disagree.

I played,

The biggest move of a salesmen! Which is to CREATE URGENCY under UNEXPECTED SITUATIONS!

I simply said,”No! I don’t want to sell.”

And, I started to keep the books in the bag.

They went furious and instantly got Rs.200 out from his pocket and offered it to me, for closing the deal.

I still said — NO!

He then said,”Where will you go, with this heavy bag? All the shops are closed. Here take, I’m offering you, what you asked.”

This statement was drawn on me as a weakness which actually made me stronger.

I adamantly said — NO!

And with this NO! He got a sense that I might leave.

While keeping the last few books in the bag, I was shocked to hear what he said….

He kept on increasing the price from Rs. 200 to Rs. 230 to Rs. 250 to Rs. 280 and finally Rs. 300.

He was like — This is the final deal.

I didn’t give my ears to him and very calmly went inside the market.

I started to think,”My God! An increase of 100% price from Rs. 150 is very high. Hence, these books being old editions still has got good value.”

I simply said to myself,”I’m going to sell these books for Rs. 400 solid.”

So, I approached a young shopkeeper who was pulling down the shutters to close his store.

I told him,”Here are the books, I wanna sell.”

He also checked the book editions and then quoted me the price — Rs. 250.

I was confident this time.

I told him,”My price is Rs. 400 solid. I’ve checked into the market and other people are ready to give me Rs. 350. So, not to waste any time, this is what I feel is best for business.”

He was like — No!

I again with my salesman attitude, started to pack my bag.

He didn’t expect this instinctive approach of mine and then, he said — Wait!

I stood up and he started to again look at the books to decide on the final price.

So, then he said — Rs. 350 is his final bet.

I said,”I’m not here to bargain. Rs. 400 is my final deal.”

He said — I’ll get you Rs. 380 (Checking his wallet)…
Now don’t look at 20 rupees — That’s not of value.

I said — No! Give me 20 bucks. This 20 bucks is like my travelling cost.

He put a weird smile on his face and then,

Finally offered me “four 100 rupees note.”

I felt very happy!

Happy for transacting like a CHAMP!

Ending Thoughts: This Rs. 400 is not going to change my life but an experience like this, makes me feel like the Best Salesmen in the World.