3 min readMay 30, 2016


The advantages of mobile phone games

Whether you are waiting for your train, waiting for a friend at a restaurant or looking for some time to relax, playing mobile games is the best option you can think. No matter what type of games you like, there is a variety of choices one can go for.

Gaming is another way to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Gaming can never be boring to as the number of choices are far more. With a widespread of mobile, mobile gaming took games an all new level.

 Creativity
With the high demand of games, developers are using their skills to bring out the best games ever. Every game requires creativity which attracts the customer to play games.
This has lead to the development of more creative minds in the world. Even the small firms are heading to make more experiment on gaming. This has increased the demand for developers, worldwide.

In China alone, mobile games have $7 billion industry with a 1 billion players, and it’s still increasing.

 Cost
You’ll surely agree to me that mobile gaming does not range in millions. By spending only a few dollars or even less, you can enjoy a range of games. Also, another benefit of having low cost is that you can try many games instead of only the traditional one.

The good news is that there is no installation cost for playing these games which certain games include such as PS3, Xbox or computer. You can save several hundred dollars which such equipment requires.

 Convenience
Mobile gaming can be done anywhere as you carry your game wherever you go. If you are playing offline, you just need to download it once and you are all set to play it. The games are stored on the hard drive similarly like a computer. People can play games anytime they want to as it’s highly convenient.

 Communication
Mobile was made to communicate and connect but slowly it turned to be more than just used for used for this. Now, one can do so many things on a mobile phone. One can also connect while playing with games as there are games in which you can play as teams. People living at separate places stay connected while playing games which helps to build their relationship.

 Fun for hours
Gaming is another way to be busy when sitting idle. You must have heard names of a certain game that were popular for a while including Angry bird, Candy crush, etc. People used to play it for fun and entertainment which mobile games are competent to offer.

Mobile games have become the part of our everyday activity, offering fun to millions. People spend their leisure time to play games which also helps them to maintain their mental health.
Some studies have shown that playing mobile games increases the ability to memorize, decision making and more. Mobile games have many advantages which make it beneficial to play anywhere, anytime. In coming years, mobile games will surely reach new heights.