May 30, 2016 · 3 min read

The Positive Effects of Mobile Gaming

No wonder that gaming has increased its impact since last decade. Commuters are switching from reading book or magazine to playing games. A recent study says that a quarter of all commuters aged 16 to 24 years are playing games.

Mobile gaming has become mainstream among the young generation these days. It has been seen that students are opting for computing for their higher education. Gaming has a positive impact on students learning and a study says that it also has a positive effect on overall education.

Today the mobile industry is at boom and gaming is creating a huge share in the market.

Gaming is said to be good for the brain in many ways.

1. Good for the brain

It’s said that many video games are good for the brain. A research conducted by the German researchers’ shows that people who play games for 30 minutes a day gained positive impacts on brain including memory formation, fine motor skills, spatial navigation, strategic planning and fine motor skills. All these areas positively affect the brain.

Also, fast-paced games promoted better learning and memory retention.

2. Positive effect on kids

Mobile gaming has a positive effect on kids which includes classroom engagement, enhances study habits, students grasping power and their test scores. Also, there are various mobile games that help them to understand many subject related topics. This makes learning a fun and interesting thing to do for the kids.

3. Helping to improve health problems

It’s hard to understand but gaming is helping to fight certain health problems. In a Children’s National Health System in the District of Columbia are using games to tackle diseases like sickle cell disease. The faculty also programs games that fight memory loss which can be a symptom of sickle cell disease.

4. Helping people stay fit

Mobile gaming makes people healthy in an interesting and in an effective manner. There are games in which you need to follow the diets and the commitments because if they don’t they have to pay an agreed amount to another user is keeping the pact.

This is indeed, a good way to stay healthy and fit. These games are having a positive effect on people.

Gamification can certainly work on many diseases including obesity, which a big problem in America.

5. Making the world a better place to live

Thanks to some games like ‘Tree story’ which actually grows new trees. In this virtual game, players sow seeds and grow them. At the end when they send it to the forests, actual trees are grown. This is a heartwarming twist!

With the increased use of mobile games, the owners of this industry are working to make games that are not only interesting but have social, health or other benefits. This is a great way to enhance the overall development of the people and society. Mobile gaming is the new way to enhance the skills of people and of course, to keep busy yet happy.

With this, the developers around the world are working to offer games that are for in the best interest of the society and nature.

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