Hard kick in procrastination’s face!

I often get my mood just right to think: “I should write about this!!”. But like the basic of all moods, it ‘swing’ right back to “nah, lets do it some other time”. Not this time tho!!

Lets just give this something of a start. And in a few month/ years look back on how silly it all start!! (Damn cool I would say)

Lets begin with the a few reminder how i came to Medium. I think a really neat article direct me to here, where I made my account via Twitter and just leave it there for a while. Wasn’t long till the first incident hit in which urge me to writing something. (It was as after a few hundreds meaningless tweets, and a few more packs of cigarets). I still like my 2 first article (its on love/life btw), it was some of my most truthful feeling, and some realization in life. Its a year past now. Oh what a year!

So it has been 2 years since I graduate. This is last days of the year. 2014 is suppose to be a ‘rocky’ year for me as it is my “Horse” year. But some what is went past so smooth, I guess I’m on the right track, which does feel nice. Its also the reason why I feel I have to go somewhere and feeling something new, be wreckful and challenge the ‘unknown’. That is why I’m gonna challenge the 2015 with a ‘phuot’ trip gonna go 300 km to the west of Ha Noi and get some challenge going!

I’ll stop here since I getting really negative vibes from this couple shouting and arguing wrecklessly in the cafe. Non of my bussiness, tho the bad vibe make my left eye twitch….

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