CLA 1005 First Medium

I just finished up reading the rubric for the final assignent in this class. I think that I’m starting to put together some ideas that could make this a really great project. The name will have to be something along the lines of, “My first semester” or something like that. I have only been here a month so I cannot already tell you what will all happen that could change that. I think I will choose to do the first version of the assignment. Focusing on being a part of a group that makes a positive impact on this campus would be super easy. I just joined a frat, well actually, I am a founding father of the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. The group of guys that has been assembled thus far has a great idea of where to take this. We all come from backgrounds of some kind of community involvement, and we get along really well. It will be exciting to see where we can take this fraternity. Our goal is not to just become the stereotypical fraternity that throws huge parties and facilitates underage drinking. We are looking to make a positive impact on the campus and show that the just because you are part of a fraternity does not mean that you need to be someone who is looked at as a 24/7 partier. We are looking to break social norms. I think that this would be a great way to create this project. I am not one hundred percent sure what format this project needs to be in, I’m guessing video, but making a video about a frat impacting a university in a positive manner would be great. Or maybe better stated, a man in a fraternity that impacts a university in a positive manner. I was not totally sure of my medium I would like to use, but I think that I would be best at making a video of my experiences because I am always carrying my camera. I am excited to see where my first semester could take me. I am ready to meet all the new people, and discover the new things that that University of Minnesota has to offer. Being a second generation college student will be interesting because I will meet people with different perspectives than myself, and hopefully have a better understanding of the world around me becuase of it.

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