My latest Andela Boot Camp experience.

Well after leaving the Spire offices yesterday evening, I felt kind of slow and my mind got clogged with lots of thoughts. I was able to take the pressure off by going to the Dojo and asking for help from other fellows which was helpful at the end of the time allocated there.

I was able to actually understand some of the salsa dance moves when we went to the cafeteria. The fun was able to ease my mind off the pressure. I left the Dojo at dusk, 7pm, with some ideas on what i wanted to get finished by yesternight. After the hustle and bustle of the CBD and lengthy commuting hours, I got home and took a rest for an hour or so before I get on with my project.

I implemented some of my CRUD features at the wee hours of the night and pushed my commits. Feeling satisfied with the working features implemented; I had a short night sleep and by 5am I got up to work on CRUD feature for my shopping list items on my project. This was partially fruitful as in the morning I would be able to create and delete my items on the shopping list items.

However, I had a thought on whether I was really accurate with my implementation and tried to break my code before I would request to continue to challenge 3; to my surprise, I would add items to a list and it appends to every list I had on my project. I was frustrated at first, but with my little plan for a failure I call __init__1, I was able to ask for help from Ann, another LFA on why this was the case and explained to me. I am currently working on getting the bug fixed by tonight and implement the rest of the features for challenge 2.

Personally, in my relations throughout the day, I was motivated by Linnette’s stand-up and made me even prioritize my sleep tonight to get challenge 2 done. I was able to help out all my team members whenever they needed my help. I was able to even compensate more time to get some other boot camp team members on their bugs. At the end of it all, I felt even if I made two steps forward and one step back, the help I offered other members was really a plus for how my day spanned out. At the end of the day, we are here in Andela to be able to work as a team and it’s not really about who finishes first.

I was able to work on the feedback I got from my previous LFA to improve my team integration and was able to use my skill to a good resource. This is what I feel as my highlight of the day.

Now, it’s time to get a personal space at home and work fluently to complete my challenge 2 before the code defenses and presentations. I thank Linnette for her inspiring experience and want to make myself better through her story.

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