DTP and E-Publication Goes Hand-in-Hand Enhancing Readers’ Engagement..!!

Being an avid reader, books has always been my best friends; in fact, the smell of fresh pages of a new book was like breath of fresh; it worked like oxygen. But, since a couple of years, things have changed dramatically — I can no longer smell those wonderful new pages — Because, now I have a brand-new Kindle..!!!

I am pretty sure you all might be aware of what a Kindle is — These and many such e-readers have drastically changed the way we used to read! Enabling us to browse, download or read any digital publication; be it a book, magazine or a newspaper; these amazing and easy-to-carry devices have created a sensation among avid readers (like yours truly). This phenomenal rise in turn, has transformed E publishing into a booming business.

In fact, together with skilled DTP service providers; e pub books are creating a rage among reader community worldwide.

Role of DTP in ePub Industry!

It seems a little out of place; but the fact that DTP services have made e-publication, what it is today!

DTP or Desktop publication has always played a major role in electronic publication — Right from creation of documents to designing the cover-pages to adding several interactive features; DTP has been offering a wide array of functionalities that makes electronic publications more presentable, intuitive and eye-catching. In fact, I would take the liberty to say the ‘DTP has been the path-changer’ bringing about an evolution in the e publishing industry.

DTP and ePub; so now let’s see how it has raised the reader engagement quotient manifolds..!!

With an increase in the e-reader devices, many publishers are now opting for EPub to make their content available to a larger audience since; it can get them to global community in a very cost-effective manner.

It helps in acquiring larger reader audience — How? — Since, the world is getting highly digitized; more and more people are getting tech-savvy. Hence, you need to attract and retain readers who have switched from the conventional way of reading. And for this, you need to publish your own digital editions at regular intervals. You have to keep updating it, by say, adding more images or GIF or may be other Media material to make it more attractive to tech-savvy readers. It is here that your DTP services come to the aid — One of the major reasons behind success of ePub is the interactive and engaging features that it adds to the plain looking book, magazine or newspaper.

Some sort of videos, an audio interview with the author or publisher; an interactive image gallery will allow you to present your content is a very strikingly manner! Again with advanced DTP services, you can target the potential readers and therefore, extend the reach of your content.

The fact that somewhere, success of electronic publication has been possible primarily because desktop publication industry gained pace. They are sort of brothers-in-arm — Always supporting each other and giving thrust to their escalation.

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