Myths About Graphic Design Debunked…!!!

Myths about graphic design

Myths prevail everywhere! Take any industry and you will be bombarded with numerous weird and sometimes funny notions, which are outright rumors or myths. Well, we cannot stop people’s (read, outsiders) (wild) imaginations — One instance and it generalizes, leading to a string of, yes you guessed it right — Myths!

We are of course not dissecting the human psyche to find how these notions origin — The aim is to see how these false notions have become so solid that the real essence of that particular field or area gets submerged. Take for example, graphic designing services — Encapsulated by myths of all shapes and size, that sometimes, you cannot understand what really goes in creating those beautiful graphics and how you can actually get hold of one such amazing designer.

Here are few myths, which we will try to debunk or at least try to learn the truth, to get the actual picture of what and how this creativity reaches its destination.

#1. Graphic Design — Oh it is a Child’s Play!

What can we say about this — This is the most common notion (applicable to every field) about designing. For an outsider, it seems that designing is all about drawing lines here and there; but the truth, ladies and gentlemen, is that making a graphic requires immense creativity, a knack to effectively execute a thought, which, of course is not EASY!

And to add to this, people think; Oh, they have this extremely advanced tool and a host of sites from where they can take inspiration — Well, the reality is we have tools, but we need an out-of the box thinking to create something unique and cannot simply take an inspiration (copy) a design.

A lot of hard work and brainstorming goes into it!

#2. Fixing a Design — Oh-it-is-so-Easy!

No, it is not!

It is as tough and as time-consuming as creating a design! Yes, it is right that computers are used these days, but that doesn’t mean designs are created or fixed in a flick of a wrist. Rushed work doesn’t really give desired results — A designer needs time to do some research (as to know what is trending), also the designers have to make some kind of outline for the work, which requires time and efforts.

#3. Designing is DONE with Computers!

Not every time!

Yes, we are equipped with the latest computers, software and lot other stuff; but believe me; designing is still done on paper, in the traditional way! And By the way, even if it is done on computers, we have to apply our brains to make a creative and innovative stuff that can hit the right chords with the viewers.

The greatest designs first comes out in form of sketches!

#4. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can Become a Graphic Designer

Excuse me! This is a complete myth…

Okay, you don’t need special qualifications or any degree or any certificate to become a graphic designer; one is born as a designer or they are created; and I think we all shall agree to it. But any person can become one, is total rubbish. A set of drawing skills, out-of-the-box thinking and a creative streak is all that goes into making a successful graphic. Playing with Photoshop or Carol Draw will not make you a designer.

Apart from this, as a designer, you need to be extremely pro-active when it comes to research and understanding the customer’s mind; this will help you to make something immortal.

Graphic designing, like any other creative area, gets shrouded with myths and this write-up is to just clear that air!

About Ritesh Sanghani

Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at Hi-Tech BPO for the past 15 years. He has worked with several international clients and has executed BPO projects of varying scales and complexities.

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