Transcribe Focus Group Discussions and Get Business Insights…!!!

FGD — Focus group discussions are the most crucial part to ensure healthy growth of any business as it helps you to acquire amazing insights into the overall performance and understand several factors that adversely affect growth graph. It also helps them in learning about the products/services as well as the brand perceptions prevailing in the market. And hence, documentation become the top-most priority — A focus group discussion gives you tons and tons of rich information, documenting which become crucial to preserve the information and access at any point in future for reference.

It is here that general transcription services comes in to picture — This branch of transcription services helps you in recording the information of the entire proceeding; and these records can be used to review the critical points and gain insights from focus group discussion.

Before Moving any Further; Let’s see Which Organizations/Industries already Use and are The Ones Who Require Transcribing Focus Groups Discussions:

• Market Research Service Providers
• Training Service Providers
• Nonprofit Organizations
• Universities for Effective Academic Research
• Firms Making Use of Teleconferencing

Companies who Directly Communicate with Target Market

In case, the focus group is a sample based on the target market; it usually provides with instant feedback about the product or service as well as indicate where rooms for improvement are. Owing to interactive nature of the focus group communication; it becomes helpful for a transcriptionist to collect opinions, suggestions and ideas that can help to improve the product.

Challenges in Transcribing Focus Group

One of the primary challenges in transcribing a focus group discussion is that it produces a variety of results which are always not easy to interpret. To overcome this challenge; one needs to utilize available information as efficiently as possible

Notes and Recording

It is not necessary to transcribe every single word of the focus group discussion; however, you may find it really helpful to have a transcriptionist taking down the notes. If that is not possible; due to geographical constraints, recording the focus group by using any digital video or audio equipment is one of the most efficient ways to preserve discussions. To make the most of a transcription, it is recommended to have it in both formats; an audio/video recording and searchable text.

Managing Focus Group Comments

The transcriptionist assists you to make sense of volumes of information that is created during a focus group. With help of a transcriptionist; you can take this information in black-and-white and later organize it under appropriate topics. Since, the text is formatted; it becomes easy for moderators to read and understand the text. With consistent formatting; the text becomes presentable in a well-organized manner.

Quick Turnaround Time

One of the many benefits of using a transcriptionist or taking help of transcription services providers for a focus group discussion is that you can have a copy of the discussion with all the important points in your hands within a matter of few days, or a stipulated time frame. Generally, one hour of recorded material may take approx. 4 to 8 hours to transcribe and proof. This is when you hire transcription service providers, the one who is well-equipped and established to schedule your work on priority. Hence; if you are planning to outsource your focus group discussions for transcribing, do it well in advance.

Having well-documented record of the focus group discussion helps you to get some intricate details which you might sometimes miss out. And it is here that transcription services gets into action!