Why Structural Engineering is Entrusted with Structural Analysis for Construction Projects?

The world is moving towards digitization and technologies such as CAD and BIM that are revolutionizing the construction industry. This makes structural engineering more necessary and less of a daunting task as compared to past years. Structural engineers are now responsible for making designs, conducting structural analysis, and making sturdy structure with accurate steel and rebar detailing.

Project estimations, structural engineering should be paid due attention

Structural engineering is required for outlining the conduct of each structural member and the required material for them. It simplifies the most complicated structure and generates distinct design and simulation for them, offering detailed structural analysis. It also offers required data on steel beams, girders and columns. This helps the builder to easily identify the material required, cost for the same to end up saving tons on budget.

Complex design structures need accurate structural analysis

Since buildings consume compound materials, it is viable to do structural analysis for design consistency, detailing of materials used, the stress and load it can bear based on pragmatic and scientific aspects. Usually structural engineers assist architects in outlining both internal and external load, its velocity and where it intersects and of course the utility and capabilities. These detailed capabilities of a structure, decide the merits of building codes and habitants comfort and need.

Structural Design support for sturdy building structures

Structural engineering plays a crucial role, not just in designing the elements of the structure; but for the entire structure. High rise building structure, with multiple complexities, calls for sharp creativity in defining the load resistance system. A structural engineer, expert at precise detailing and accurate data about the foundations, walls, beams, floors; what kind and how much steel it will require for retaining walls, alignments for durability etc., should be consulted. With help of these one can alter the designs to generate final drawings.

Static and Dynamic loads contribute towards the safety and stability of any structure

Structural engineers calculate internal and external forces like fracture, seismic event, fatigue and various others to deduce how badly it can affect the structure over a period of time. Also, they set warning signs, the ones that raise a flag before the failing of pre-stressed and post-tensioned elements. Structural engineers can further state the durability of any element and the service or upkeep it may require, over years. This is a huge sigh of relief for other stakeholders as it helps in better planning, keeping in mind the on-site safety of workers and avoiding potential hazards.


Civil and structural engineers at Outsource Structural Drafting have left a huge impact on the world by providing design support services for new and sturdy structures, and on the other hand by restoring infrastructures such as roads, highways, bridges and buildings. Our structural engineering solutions are recognized internationally by clients in areas such as high-rise earthquake resistant buildings and much more.

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