From 2019 to 2029, we will move from fear of Covid to joy of creation. Technology will take-over repetitive work and we will be left with enormous time & space to create.

Welcome To The World where you are free to create.

Over the next 10 years, our life will get more secure and more comfortable. Humanity learns important lessons from each crisis. We adjust ourselves. We adapt, we survive and we grow.

The story of humanity is the story of survival against all odds.

Humanity has successfully faced all challenges — Pandemic, world wars, terrorism, nuclear bomb, dreaded diseases, hunger, famine, injustice, inequality, religious persecution, fears of technology, mass unemployment, etc. …

First Be A Fisherman Than Become A Rapper

It may take 10 minutes for you to read this article. In 10 minutes, you can increase your fun and excitement in any project by 10 times!!

Has anyone called you crazy or unrealistic in the last 4 weeks? Has anyone rejected your ideas or laughed over your plans?

If your answer is NO, you are not fully using your abilities.

You have probably limited scope of your vision and imagination.

You have stopped dreaming.

Past failures, people’s judgement and your own fears have crippled your hopes.

Your vision is blurred. …

Most of us identify with our roles and money. We know ourselves by our titles — CEO, VP, General Manager, Director etc. We judge our worth by money we have and money we earn as compared to others.

As we have erroneously equated life with money and title, we get threatened when our work, title and money are threatened!

Let us look at 6 important areas in your life that are essential for peaceful and happy life. 1st three areas are extremely critical and last three areas are required for inspiring and happy life.

1) Fitness:

Fitness includes health, well-being and energy. …


Hiten Bhuta

I love to read, reflect on new ideas and share new insights. I am looking forward for receiving your feedback and to learn from your insights and comments.

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