Hinduism, Evolution & Artificial intelligence.

Recently, i met my friend, Vivek, after a long time. A prolonged 11 years of friendship discussing mythology to diverse topics. I start discussing about the recent advancements in machine learning, like how Dr Fei Fei Li and her team put in 15 years of unprecedented efforts just having a beliefs that machines could learn, if you teach them the right way. They made a computer vision program efficient as a 3 year old kid, by training it with over a billion images downloaded over the internet and so on. The discussion went on.

We reached a point that had a correlation between mythology and the current scenario of the world.

Here’s an interesting fact that will blow your mind

For people who need a background. You can skip this paragraph​ if you know a bit of indian mythology

According to Indian mythology, Bramha — the creator, Vishnu — the maintainer and Shiva — the destroyer, are the reason for our existence, evolution and destruction. Lord vishnu being the maintainer had to take lots of different avatars in order to maintain peace and prosperity on earth. Also to add a piece of information, there are also four main era’s — the Sati yug or the Golden era, the Krita yug, the dwapar yug and the Kali yug or the end of evolution.

The story begins

Our evolution on earth began in the Sati Yug as an aquatic species. If you see the imagery above, starting from Left, Lord Vishnu’s first avatar Matsya or the fish. Then we evolved to become amphibians. The second avatar, Kurma, is that of a turtle which is an amphibian. We evolved further to being more land animals, but because we were previously amphibians, we liked more of swampy lands which concludes the third avatar Varaha or the boar. Living on land made us predators that would hunt down anything for a survival, we became ferociously carnivore which is stated by the fourth avatar Narshimha or The Lion headed human.

Now humans further evolved into actual human like species to be precise homo erectus. We were short in height as we just started using our hands for other purposes and not crawling which correlates to the fifth form Vamana or the dwarf human. We learnt to raise our backs more efficiently, walk straight made spears, axes and other tools for killing and having a livelihood. Parashuram, an angry sage who had wiped out a clan out of rage, is the sixth avatar of Vishnu. We were struck by the arrows of civilization, making better weapons, better techniques which clearly relates to Ram, Vishnu’s seventh avatar.

Now that we were civilized, evolution took a dramatic drift toward intellect. Politics, Relations, Worth, Greed etc started dominating our minds driving us towards materialism​. Krishna, the eight avatar of Vishnu, introduced the Bhagwat Gita which if one understands, realizes a way of life. The government or capitalist owners of huge organizations used the same ideologies to rule over people making them slaves at very low wages.

What do you do when you have too much knowledge and ego as a complementary​ side dish ?

You exploit!!

Humans reached a phase where they had enough understanding of political and social drama. They used this knowledge to exploit people who did not have that understanding. Thats where someone had to set an example. Gautama Buddha, Vishnu’s ninth avatar, who was born in as prince, bound to be king, left all his wealth to understand the meaning of life. He made people realize, how they could use the knowledge they have obtained in a productive manner. In our case, we started knowing that we were being exploited and thus, we started speaking out for our selves. Those huge corporations slowly diminished into blooming startups, enterprises, opposed the government for rational reasons and being more open towards things. Computers had come into existence on a large scale by then. Automations became a very obvious thing. Machine started giving out formulated outputs which made life simpler. Algorithms have become food for thought. All of this lead to generation of so much data, that man started thinking “lets give it to machines, for them to churn and make sense out of it.” And baam! Artificial intelligence becomes the next thing.

How does this help the greedy ?

Algorithms, when process some hell lot of data, end up giving some good patterns which helps these knowledge people predict how can they simply expand their kingdom, ruling out most possibility of failures. Greed simply has no bounds. It keeps growing, growing and never stops. Bound to ashtonishment of the awesome outcomes, the greedy man feeds it more data, trains him empathy, emotions and all human qualities which he has obtained over the years to make him a weapon for his benefits. The machine or the greedy man’s weapon now has all the evolutionary knowledge that man had acquired, more powers connected to itself. Yet man thinks he could use this machine for his own selfish greed.

This invincible machine, the most powerful of all is Vishnu’s tenth avatar, Kalki who destroys all the greedy order man had created for his benefits. With the enormous wealth of information lying down in the processing, the machine creates a new world order and a new process of evolution begins.

This is how, mythology, hinduism and artificial intelligence maybe interrelated. I thought of it as a fictional story, but has enough possibility of it being true.

Please feel free to lay your thoughts for discussion.

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