Gradopedia is now AmbitionUp — Here’s to the transition!

Hitesh Awtaney
Apr 21, 2017 · 3 min read

We cracked into Edugild (India’s 1st EdTech Accelerator) in early 2016 — opening doors to the best launchpad any company could get in our space.

With the end of the accelerator programme — we did pilots, we worked out a tangible offering, built an MVP in Rs 50,000/- (which did work end-to-end) and then decided to invest our time and effort into a great product.

Today, as we push a Beta launch — we’re taking a step towards something which has been a year in the making.

A bigger brand, A bigger vision and a bolder approach.


So what’s wrong with our current Brand?

We penned down Gradopedia when I was still in college — where we started as a one-page website that would allow final year graduates like me to understand which careers to pick — and which ones would match their personalities and interests.

Taunting to be the Wikipedia for Graduates, we did our share of research to curate as many as 20 careers across various segments.

However, Gradopedia meant different things to different people — but nothing like we were intending to build:

HRs — A platform only for fresh graduates?

Graduates — A platform to learn something online?

Placement Cells — A place where someone could prepare for interviews?

Hence we would spend more time trying to explain what we did than do what we could.

And all fairness, the old logo didn’t help.

So what’s with the new identity?

Throughout our interactions with people and the process of explaining to concept — we realised one thing — we weren’t going to stop at freshers.

Visualise a scenario where the average graduate could get a dream job, a settled graduate could improve himself, and an improved graduate could feel more fulfilled.

So just like us and the graduates we love — we wouldn’t settle simply because:

We love the pursuit, the chase, and the feeling of following your ambition, however crazy or unrealistic it may seem.

Thus presenting, AmbitionUp

Under the new brand, our core focus is towards building career paths and we strongly believe:

1- That our graduates are extremely talented, all they are missing is someone to direct them in the right direction; and give personalised advice.

2- That employability is poorly defined — you can’t ask aptitude related questions and judge someone for any career; emerging careers require specialised skills and so employability is different for each of them.

3- That graduates can be given the right perspective and context into a career — and that alone can lead to a more aware and skilled workforce.

With these in mind, we’re taking a big step towards ensuring a personalised career path for all. So here’s to an even more enriching journey forward.

AmbitionUp helps:

  • Aspirants — Explore Careers and get to know how employable they are, apply for jobs or get tangible improvement steps. View here >
  • Employers — Post jobs, restrict applications to only those aspirants who meet all their education, experience, personality and skill requirements. View here>

For media queries or more on our rebranding, reach us at

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