Which libs/platform choose for offline sync for Android application.

Hello developers,

This post is more about getting developers views and comment for developing android application which should function offline.

I would like to know about which platform, libs or method should I choose for better performs of my android application, now a days there is lots of option available to do same task, i.e offline support. One of the oldest method all we know is SQLite database, we have been using this technique in before few years, but now we have option for that. so I would like to take developer opinion. here is some libs which is provide functionality to save data for offline use, among them which should I use and based on what parameter.

Well known libs are

  1. MongoDb
  2. Realm
  3. Couchbase lite
  4. Sugar ORM
  5. greenDAO

Please provide your thoughts, which one is better to include and learn for my future applications.