Top 8 altcoins to invest in 2017

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are volaite in nature. Altcoins emerge as a massive force against bitcoin in recent times and have given amazing returns to its investors. If you are able to pick the right altcoin for investment, it can make the life easier for you. Few altcoins have given almost 8000% returns to its investors in less than 3 months. That sounds unbelievable,but that’s true. Here is the proof, Trade Screenshot of a successful altcoin trader:

In this article we will cover about on Top 10 altcoins to invest in for huge returns.

Litecoin (LTC)

Current Price: 0.0126 BTC

Growth in Last three Months: 400%

Litecoin is the clone of bitcoin and supporter of china based miners. China is behind the recent growth of litecoin, It got benefited over bitcoin scaling debate. Its value seems to grow by 3x by end of this year. A safe and low risk investment option for investors.

Ethereum (ETH)

Current Price: 0.038 BTC

Growth in Last three months: 600–800%

Ethereum is hot favorite for investors these days. The amazing developer community behind ethereum is driving its success. Ethereum provides platform to build blockchain based applications, 90% of the consumer based blockchain solution has been building on ethereum platform, which defines its monopoly in blockchain development. Ether will grow more and more in coming years. I can see 2–3x growth by the end of this year.

Dash (DASH)

Current Price: 0.057 BTC

Growth in Last three months: 700–1000%

Masternode is the new innovation in blockchain ecosystem, Dash introduced this in their network or provding complete anonymity to the transaction. Masternode feature has been adopted by few more projects like Startis,PIVX and more. Dash seems a promising investment option for long term,We can expect 2x growth by the end of this year.

Monero (XMR)

Current Price: 0.0162 BTC

Growth in Last three months: 200%

Monero is another anonymity based cryptocurrency, but it hasn’t seen emergence growth what dash has seen in last quarter. Its slow in gowth by stable since a long time. One big announcement and monero will fly very high. It can grow upto 3x anytime in this year.

Steem (STEEM)

Current Price: 0.000182 BTC

Growth in Last three months: Stable

Steem is a social network platform built on blockchain and use steem as a digital asset or content payout. This platform is redefining social media and blogging and attracting thousands of new users every day. Steem is one of the most used blockchain based consumer application, It has grown in userbase in recent times, will keep growing more and its here to stay for long. I can expect upto 3x returns anytime in this year.

Storj (SCJX)

Current Price: 0.00031 BTC

Growth in Last three months: 300%

SCJX is distributed cloud storage service, which pays user to rent out his hard drive to the network. It offers an unique proposition with well thought connected business model. Its already a hit in the community, Big cloud companies are looking out for partnership with SCJX, One announcement and SCJX will grow like anything. Bet on this for higher returns upto 4x.

Golem (GNT))

Current Price: 0.000079 BTC

Growth in Last three months: 800%

Golem is building blockchain powered super computing infra, This project is amazing and Well appreciated by community members. Its here to stay long, It gave huge returns to investors in last quarter, seems to grow more in future. Can go 3x by end of this year.

Gamecredits (GAME)

Current Price: 0.000672 BTC

Growth in Last three months: 400%

Gamecredits is a gaming currency designed for online multiplayer games on ethereum platform. It got few users and doing very well in the market. It has provided amazing returns to its investors. Personally, GAME worked pretty well for me, Gave me 2 returns in a week time. It will grow for sure, can expect 3x in anytime this year.

Few more good investment options are: ETC,ARDR,LSK,NXT,ZCASH, XRP,STR,START

(Read about these coins for better understanding,Check their growth chart on

Tips for altcoin investment:

  • Check for google news before investing into any altcoin, watch current sentiments, Follow me at twitter@hmalviya9. I keep posting about market sentiments.
  • Any sentiments from fund raise, new feature, new bug, system fail, cryptocurrency exchange listing and delisting effects the price of altcoin in both positive and negative manner.
  • Read carefully about the last three months growth chart, last month growth chart, 24 Growth chart and 6 hours growth chart. Build your decision accordingly.
  • Read media about altcoins, know about their services, USP and market potential before making decision.
  • Always diversify your portfolio , invest in around 4–10 coins to lower down the market risk.
  • The market is very volatile, Don’t forget the market risk, Invest accordingly.