The Two Realms
A living being in itself represents two Realms. It lives the same life in two different perspectives.
Outer Realm
The outer realm represents you as you think of yourself, and the world around you. It is our sensible self/visible self, where we can comprehend us being alive. It is the voice in your head that makes everything sensible. The experiences like, smoking a cigarette. When you see something like a sparrow or a human doing some action, you can instantly project your empathy and comprehend their actions.
When you see a living being, you look at them as a combination of their body and their thoughts, this is only one view of this world.
What you don’t see, is living beings’ inner biology(Inner Realm), working in synergy to bring about those complex ideas about everything that we perceive.
Inner Realm
The inner realm represents our biological clockwork. Each piece of the clockwork (cells, nerves, liver, brain etc) i.e. each and every biological part of our body, working in unison to stay alive, but unaware of existence of a beautiful entity (i.e. a conscious living being) which represents a unity of all biological pieces and their interconnections. What is not comprehensible to these individual parts of yourself is a living artwork, moving in this unseemly random world, a being who from the outside is trying to make sense of outside world, but from inside, muscles are being contacted and expanded, eye pupils are dilated and constricted, brains are firing neurons based on sensory and hormonal inputs. Try to visualize the inner realm by thinking of things happening at cellular level. For instance a nerve deciding to fire the electric impulse to its adjacent neuron based on its threshold, a cell grows and divides itself into two, various organs deciding to produce various bodily fluids based on signals from brain, brain rewiring itself based on inputs from sensory organs and during sleep, meanwhile on the outside realm you are actually jogging.
Living in two Realms is actually experiencing two different things but the underlying action that is being performed is you living your life. You unknowingly are living two experiences simultaneously, both experiences are incomprehensible to the other, even though both of them are living the exact same life.

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