Donald Trump to declare Pakistan a Terror state

US President elect will approve a Congress bill to declare Pakistan a terror state when the legislation reaches him in what would be a shot in arm for India’s antiterror narrative, said Shalabh Kumar, a key Indian-origin member of Donald Trump’s advisory council and prominent businessman. “President Trump and PM Narendra Modi will undoubtedly share a good chemistry. The Indo-US partnership is expected to touch new heights under Trump Presidency.

Extreme support to Trump campaign was provided by Mr. Shalabh Kumar and his daughter Manasvi.

Photocredit: Manasvi official website

Manasvi, Shalabh Kumar’s daughter accompanied him at various meetings, concerts and events of RHC. She has spent a lot of time with Donald Trump and both of them found another connection — Manasvi as Miss India had competed in the Miss World competition and Trump owned that pageant at one time. In fact, Trump has nicknamed her as “Bollywood”. She is working actively rubbing shoulders and discussing policies with major politicians including Mike Pence, Vice President of USA and Paul Ryan, Speaker of USA, House of Representatives.

While campaigning for Trump pre-elections, she travelled alongside her father and worked with RHC in the battleground states like Florida to educate people and spread awareness about Trump’s pro-India and pro-Hindu/Indian American policies to help them pick the right candidate and see through the media’s bias.

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