I’m not homeless;

I’m re-contextualizing myself in a critical, postmodern deconstruction of the quotidian habitational paradigm.

I’m not begging for spare change;

I’m exercising an efficient, granular implementation of an iterative grant solicitation technique, as applied, non-traditionally, to a pseudo-random group of prospective, local benefactors.

I’m not sleeping under a newspaper;

I’m leveraging the insular effects of lexically encoded chartaceous membranes for the purposes of fulfilling the stipulations of somatic, somnific sufficiency upon which the contingencies of diurnal efficacy depend.

I’m not eating out of the trash;

I’m delivering an incisive examination of alternatives to the established pecuniary conventions of sustenance allocation, with particular attention to those which challenge social, gastronomic, and hygienic mores.

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