Apologizing Should Be First on Donald Trump’s Agenda
Earl Blumenauer

I will usually agree that apologies can’t be sorry-not-sorry, but that’s really not a bold enough statement. We’re talking about a white supremicist in office, and “sorry” couldn’t even possibly cut it. The KKK is holding a literal parade for this guy. He’s placing someone who specializes in promoting white supremacy through fake news and agitation as his right-hand-man. “Sorry” can’t make us feel safe when we walk down the streets. “Sorry” isn’t going to protect our civil rights. This is way past sorry, and as a member of Congress, people like me are depending on you to hold Trump and Pence to a lot more. Could you try being half as great at smashing overt racism and bigotry as you are at rallying for bikes? I love me some bikes (car-free constituent over here), but I can’t bike if my family isn’t safe from people who think these streets were made for whites. Also, America absolutely does not fail if Trump fails. Trump already failed us all. We will thrive to the extent we do in spite of his moral and ethical failures. Nothing more, nothing less.

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