X42 protocol — a path to feeless and open society

Krunoslav Vrabec
2 min readSep 9, 2018


Every day we are witnesses of falling governments, bankrupt national banks, corrupted politicians and public figures that are ones who control the money supply.

One who controls money supply controls the entire countries and people living in it, because of centralized money distribution, with no maximum money supply whatsoever.

So paper money is not backed by anything - but a word from government that piece of paper is worth something, and it continues do devaluate every day.

Inflation rates in some countries are sometimes more than 1000% daily, makes that county currency worthless and not trusted asset for trading.

As we obviously see centralized banking system fails in many third world, and even in more industrialized countries, like in Greece and Cyprus.

What would You do if same situation happens in Your country?

If centralized banking system covered by promises falls its going to be hard for a lot of people.

Not for the people who started to live from and with cryptocurrency as their only source of income, myself included.

So my friends if You read this that means You’re half ways to prepare yourselves for upcoming times, and get yourself x42 cryptocurrency.

x42 is already recognized as great project, protocol and cryptocurrency that’s is used in real life as asset for exchanging goods in many third world and undeveloped areas with little or no banking access.

People trade and stake their x42 in wallets, making a living out of crypto, relying on only valuable asset –a digital one.

Let’s hope in future more ordinary people will use x42 cryptocurrency on daily basis, as project potential and value increases — which will lead us to open, feeless and free society!


Official Website: http://www.x42.tech/

Where to buy:

Exchanges: https://start-ex.com/trade/X42_BTC / https://altmarkets.cc/market/BTC-x42



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