HitPay at Green Is The New Black 2017

Last weekend, we collaborated with Green Is The New Black and Spark, to bring the HitPay cashless experience to their jointly organized conscious flea-market festival. HitPay is pleased to share the festival’s eco-friendly ethos; we imagine a cashless future in which paper or plastic money is no longer relevant to society and thus does not put an environmental strain on planet Earth.

Featuring over 100 vendors over 2 days, shoppers at the festival had the option to make payment for their purchases using HitPay, while vendors had the opportunity to receive payment by setting up a merchant account using the app. With the new QR code feature in the latest HitPay app update, transferring payment to the vendors was a breeze, with each of them having their own unique QR code displayed in front of the stalls for complete ease of transaction. The new HitPay users we spoke to were impressed by how easy it was to use the app, on both the customer’s and the merchant’s end. Setting up HitPay for new users was quick and simple; one new user quipped, “The steps were pretty clear and easy to follow.” Many users we spoke to praised how using HitPay was “super smooth” while others gushed that it’s “such a cool app!”

The lack of ATMs at the venue might have been an inconvenience if not for HitPay. Another new convenient feature added to the HitPay repertoire was the ability to link up one’s credit or debit cards to one’s HitPay account. An appreciative user mentions that making a payment this way is “fast and easier than carrying lots of cash everywhere.” Another new user says, “I like how I can keep track of the payments, so I can control how much I’m spending.”

With such a streamlined payments experience from the convenience of your mobile phone, why wouldn’t you #HitPaytoday?