HitPay at Sports Communities

We’re pleased to feature the Singapore Cricket Association Indoor Cricket League in this week’s edition of HitPay Community! Players from this league are chosen to represent Singapore in the Indoor Cricket World Cup and other International Indoor Cricket Tournaments.

We speak to Hiren Krishnani, Captain of Cavaliers Indoor Cricket Team, and Murali Govind, who owns Indoor Premier Cricket, to find out more about how HitPay has changed their lives.

Hiren: “HitPay has now become our go to payments solution for settling payments within team members. For us, it is such a convenient payment option as we as team members invariably split expenses for taking the cab to the indoor facility, hiring of facilities and also for cricket kit purchases.

We love the user interface and the whole experience but by far our favourite feature is the cash reminders function since we do have a few guys in the team who are bit tight with their money :)”

Murali: “HitPay has transformed the way we invoice and track payments. In an environment where we don’t have much overheads for billing, accounting and collection, it is extremely handy to use HitPay. I’m also able to do three people’s work with HitPay!”