Introducing HitPay Keyboard

Imagine you’re talking to a friend on WhatsApp and the topic of splitting last night’s bill comes up. Now you can HitPay the money you owe them quite easily and quickly through chat!

Introducing HitPay Payment Keyboard on iOS.

Send instant payments to friends and online businesses within any messaging app, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Gmail.

Simply toggle the keyboard option on your iPhone to access the HitPay Payment Keyboard on your current screen. The keyboard brings you all the important payments function of HitPay without having to switch between apps, yet still keeps your transactions safe and secure.

To complete a transaction, authenticate HitPay Payment Keyboard via Touch ID. Next, simply select a contact or enter a mobile number, key in the amount to pay, and then review transaction details before hitting confirm. You can then send the auto-generated confirmation message to your contact.

As more and more businesses get onboard with HitPay, we move towards a community of merchants willing to depart from traditional cash payments. HitPay Payment Keyboard allows customers and merchants to communicate and complete transaction via chat, revolutionising a wave of conversational commerce.

HitPay Payment Keyboard is out now on iOS; simply update the app to use the keyboard. Stay tuned for the Android version coming soon.