Introducing HitPay’s Biggest Fans

Introducing HitPay’s biggest fans! Come find out how HitPay has become an integral part of their everyday lives, and what exactly it is they love so much about HitPay.

What is your favourite part about HitPay?

“I can remind people without being embarrassed with HitPay’s cool reminder’s feature”

“So easy to spilt the bill amongst friends!”

“Splitting the bill is so much easier. We’re able to divide cash until the last cent.”

“It’s so convenient. It allows me to receive all my overdues on the spot. Instantly!”

How does HitPay help you and your friends?

“I can no longer say I’m cashless and have to pay later. No more excuses!”

“No more financial arguments or misunderstandings!”

“Hassle-free transfers means I’m less annoyed at my friends when they ask for payments”

“No waiting period! Perfect for busy people like us.”