The Common Misconception About Texas A&M Football

Texas A&M and UCLA was a wild game this weekend. Kevin Sumlin was the losing coach. Jim Mora (UCLA head coach) was almost the losing coach. They are both on the hot seat. A lot of the TX A&M fans and boosters were very outspoken, and voiced their concern on social media. (Note: I am not a Baylor, UT, Tech, TCU or A&M fan) I enjoy watching these teams but I am not biased, or against, nor specifically for either of these teams. I don’t understand the outcries of wanting Sumlin fired after the 1st game of the season. I agree he is on the hot seat but if I’m The Aggies, I let the season play out before I make a decision on whether Sumlin should be out. When A&M was ahead 44–10 on the road was he a bad coach then? When the Aggie defense had completely stifled argueably the best QB in College Football [Josh Rosen] was he a bad Coach then? When Josh Rosen had no time in the pocket, no Wide Receivers open, was he a bad coach then? When the Aggie Offense created a gameplan that alowed them to rush for 380 yards before UCLA had even sniffed a comeback win of 45–44 in the air, was he a bad coach then? What happened to A&M happens to a lot of people, teams. A false sense of achievement. Johnny Manziel gave A&M fans a false sense of “wow we’re really special.” Well I hate to say it A&M, No you’re not. You are a better than average Football program, with a ceiling of being the 3rd best team in the SEC. Since 1998 A&M has had 1, 10 or-more win seasons. Oh by the way, Kevin Sumlin was your Head Coach that season. Without Johnny Manziel, since 1990 (27 years) your biggest Bowl Game win is the Holliday Bowl. A&M joined the SEC and for a couple of years, due to a wildly dynamic and exhilarating Quarterback named Johnny Manziel, fans thought they could compete with the likes of; Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Auburn and Florida. Im sorry Aggie fans your team is closer to average than it is elite.

Brayden James