Travel marketing is broken — but now there’s a solution

With a purchase decision this convoluted, marketing is insanely tough on SME budgets!

Smaller tour operators can easily spend in the region of $300 per day on Google Adwords. The cost-per-click on high competition travel keywords can hit $8+. Even with good conversion rates, many operators are spending $200 for a single enquiry.

Instead of content strategy we’ve got content chaos, with tour operators churning out blogs, emails, ebooks and video in a desperate struggle for eyeballs.

A new Horizon for tour operators

We’ve already helped reduce our partner ad costs by up to 80% — and we’re only just getting started.

Ultimately we want to end the dependence on Google Adwords and desperate marketing tactics, while providing an infinitely better experience for the traveller.



Co-founder @horizonguides: a vital new marketing solution for SME tour operators.

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