Top points must be analyzed while PPC campaign audit

PPC campaign must be analyzed on regular basis. Auditing ppc campaign on regular interval is a great way to boost the performance of the campaign.

Here we are discussing about 10 points; must be looked while auditing your Google AdWords account.

1. Google AdWords and Google Analytics Account Link-up
It is recommended to link Google AdWords and Google Analytics account. If you are using Google Analytics to track the traffic and visitor behavior on your website, then AdWords account must be linked. When linked accurately, marketers/ppc guy running Google AdWords can track campaign performance from an acquisition, behavior, and conversion perspective.

2. Conversion set-up at Google AdWords End
Marketers must check the conversion option in the AdWords account. If conversion is not set-up; it should be set-up. You can set-up the conversion by following the Tools section > conversion. Check the conversion status and live conversion pages.

3. Campaign status
Campaign status must be looked. If campaign status is showing as limited by budget; then analyze the budget and bid amount. Look for the campaign performance and update the daily budget in order to run the campaign throughout the day.

4. Device targeting
At the campaign level, you can adjust the bid increase by or decrease by. By doing this activity advertisers can adjust their spending to maximize spending on their best devices.

5. AdGroup performance in the campaign
This one is very important part. Analyze the performance of the individual AdGroup. Based upon the performance, you can make desired changes.

6. AdGroup Relevancy
Analyze the keywords within adgroup. Are they based upon similar pattern/theme? If not; try to make the relevant for better performance. Keywords, ad copy, and final URL landing pages are basic elements; that must be looked.

7. Ad Extension
Ad extension must be used in order to take maximum benefits and show informative content to visitors. Extensions like: location, call, Review etc must be used.

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