Why Having “0” Followers/Subscribers Is Unbelievably ROI Positive

“47 Subscribers.”

I feel a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and a mild wave of depression starts to set in.

I click the little “x” on the tab and exit YouTube.


This was me for a long time.

Having almost non-existent followers, subscribers, comments, likes, views was a punch in the face to my motivation and mental state.

I would repeatedly create content in the hopes of gaining attention from the outside world.

And when I would get it I would be ECSTATIC.

But when I wouldn’t (most of the time), it would eat me alive.

I was caught in a vicious cycle of never being happy unless people gave me validation for what I created.

And it was never enough.

No matter how many awesome comments, snaps, likes or views any single piece of content would recieve.

No matter how many followers or subscribers I would gain.

It was never enough.

I always wanted more… needed more.


What would it mean if nobody cared about what I created?

What would it mean if people disliked it or judged it in a negative light?

What if people hated it?

Would if people hated me?

If you’re focused on external results or what people think of you as a way of judging your self-esteem… you’re in for a wildly unpleasant ride.

Look, you’re always going to have haters.

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”

You can’t please everybody.

Joe Rogan has an older standup special (48:25) and there’s a funny bit where he talks about building a tribe with the people inside of the room.

“We’d have to do some interviews. Weed out the douchebags. A lot of people wouldn’t make the cut!”

There’s roughly 7.5 billion people on the planet right now.

Do you think all 7.5 billion of those people are going to like or approve of everything you do?

Do you think you’re going to like all 7.5 billion of those people?

Of course not.

People will hate you.

People will judge you.

People will condemn you.

People will ostracize you.

But they will also love you.

That only works if you start being you though.

Not the person you pretend to be when you walk into the gym, or the person you pretend to be when you turn on the camera, or the person you pretend to be when you hangout with your friends, or the person you pretend to be when see your family, or the person you pretend to be when you’re at work, or the person you pretend to be when you walk into Walmart.

I’m talking about the person you are when no one else is around.

The person you are deep down but who you’re terrified of letting out into the world.

Because rejection.

Because hate.

Because you’ve been hurt before.

Because your dad left.

Because you had a mom who was never there for you or a brother or a sister.

Because you struggled with drugs.

Because you never fit in.

Because you were bullied.

Because you were abused.

Because you were harassed.

Because you failed.

Because you hurt yourself.

Because you hurt others.


It’s okay.

I know it’s a big shocker but that’s everyone.

We all have pain.

But you can’t let that pain or the past or those people hold you back anymore.

You’re an amazing human being with infinite potential.

You can start that business or travel to Europe, or have a kid, or quit your job, or start painting, or pickup basketball, or move out, or move in, sell your house, go kayaking, take a retreat, meet Tony Robbins, read all those books, get a divorce, break up, start again.

This is your life.

Make it what you want.

Stop caring what people think about you.

Because we only have a short time here.

You’re going to die.

And you won’t remember any of this when you leave.

The pain, trauma, exhaustion, heartache, heartbreak, loss, depression, failure.

None of that comes with you.

So, fuck it.

Just go for it.

See what happens.

Live a little.

Make this crazy thing really count.

The world wants to see what you can do.

It’s waiting…

Waiting for you to stop looking at how many followers you have and instead look at how much opportunity you have.

It’s never as bad as you think.

So smile and go fucking execute.

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