Centra Makes No Hassle to Spend Blockchain Assets

In a very short time, you will find that spending blockchain assets will no longer give you a hard time. You can feel no more difficulty to find marketplaces that accept cryptocurrencies and no hassle with exchanges. Things would be so simple; you may not believe it existing in blockchain world. All of them are for one reason, Centra is on the block.

“Creating a world connected to cryptocurrencies” is the mission of Centra. The world where you can easily spend and control your cryptocurrencies and tokens is soon open. It starts with the world first debit card for cryptocurrencies, which makes various cryptocurrencies spendable in more than 100 countries, completed with secured and insured Centra Wallet. Then, cryptocurrencies marketplace is soon to open where you can buy items with cryptocurrencies from the wallet as your choice. The last is CTR, Centra tokens with all benefits and amazing reward systems for the holders.

Centra Debit Card and Wallet

Debit card for cryptocurrencies is like a dream come true. With single card, you can spend and control multi-blockchain assets. As for now, Centra Card supports 8 major cryptocurrencies, which are BitCoin, Ethereum, ERC20 Tokens, LiteCoin, Ripple, Dash, ZCash, and Monero. They promise that it would be more cryptocurrencies on the list soon. Using the innovative Currency Conversion Engine (CCE) Module and partnership with Visa and MasterCard, they make it possible to convert cryptocurrencies in real time at market value and ability to spend the assets at any merchant that accept Visa or MasterCard all over the world.

Centra Wallet is created to give secure storage for the assets. As security is now big issue in cryptocurrency world, Centra Wallet is build with top-notch security and completed with insurance from theft and hackers. It is not only secure but it gives you assurance that you will not lose your assets due to thieves and hacking.

Centra Marketplace

Centra marketplace is cBay.io. With more than 100,000 items available in the marketplace, cBay would be the place for you to purchase clothing items, household equipment, electronics, and more goods with cryptocurrency. You can make payment from Centra Wallet or you can choose other wallet for direct payment.

This cryptocurrency marketplace would give you a nice online shopping experience with various beneficial features, including worldwide shipping. The number of items will keep on increasing, as in the future, cBay platform will allow vendors to list products for sale in the platform.

Centra Token

CTR will come with tons of benefits. They have reward system that promising nice incentives for the holders. CTR is also tradable in the Exchanges, could be used in cBay Marketplace, and spendable on Centra Card.

CTR is available in the crowdsale that run from August 5th, 2017 to October 5th, 2017. The amount of tokens available in the crowdsale is 68,000,000, which is 68% from the total tokens created. In case all tokens available are purchased prior the closing schedule, they will announce the early ending of the ICO. If they could not sell all 68% of the tokens, unsold tokens would be burned.

During the ICO, 400 CTR would be given for every 1 ETH. BitCoin and LiteCoin accepted with different rate for token calculation.

Website : https://www.centra.tech/

Token Sale : https://www.centra.tech/token-sale/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CentraCard

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Centra_Card

Whitthepaper : https://www.centra.tech/CentraWhitePaper.pdf

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