Gori aur Gorilla (Humor) By Subroto Mukherjee

Women are flocking to a zoo in Japan to admire a tall, dark and heavyweight gorilla who is all hunk and bulging brawns rippling.

In fact, one Japanse girl Yoko Miko was so taken with this hunky monkey, she persuaded the zoo keeper to let her go on a date with the gorilla.

So where did they go on their date?

The gorilla wanted to go see a film, King Kong, King Kong being the gorilla’s hero. But this film wasn’t running anywhere locally.

(By the way, incidentally, our own Indian King Cong is no longer running the show here either. But sitting dismally in the opposition trying to rake up controversies and being a royal pain for the BJP.)

Anyway, Yoko Miko and her imposing date, the gorilla, went to a fancy restaurant. Where the gorilla promptly ordered his favorites — banana custard, fruit salads, pickled insects and sweet and sour earthworms.

Yoko Miko made a face and said, “Yuck! You need to improve your taste in food!”

“Do you also expect me to improve my culture, education and intellect?” asked the gorilla sarcastically.

“I’d appreciate that”, said the girl coolly.

“Then, instead of ordering ordinary worms, let me order something brainy — like bookworms!” said the gorilla.

“Hope you know how to use the fork and spoon and stuff like that in a fancy place like this?” asked the girl.

“Sure I do,” grinned the gorilla. “The fork is to scratch my back if I get an itch there. The knife is to clean my finger nails. Doesn’t do to eat here with dirty nails, does it? And of course the spoon is to drum on the fine chinabone crockery.”

After all that playful teasing and dining, the couple shifted to Yoko Miko’s pad to continue the party.

The gorilla yanked a big, colorful lampshade from a lamp, put it on his head and broke into a wild dance which would have shamed even the showbiz and corporate party animals in Mumbai.

The highlight of the gorilla’s antics was swinging from the ceiling fan. Then he fetched a bunch of bananas from the kitchen, gorging on them six at a time and tossing the banana skins right out of the window into the clean, scrupulously scrubbed street below.

And finally the Japanse girl was really shocked. “Are you from Africa” she demanded, “or India?”

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