Top Advantages of HR and Payroll Outsourcing in India

Image by Camellia Neri

North American companies with fewer than 20,000 employees preferred to outsource their Outsourcing HR, and Payroll functions were most popular. Companies outside this geographic area were more likely to outsource these functions if they had less than 10,000 employees. However, this trend is changing. In recent years, almost all organisations around the globe have started outsourcing at least some part of their HR and payroll functions. In 2017 the percentage of companies that outsourced their entire payroll functions was 19%. Organisations that outsourced a part of this function and retained the rest in-house was 43%.

Advantages of Outsourcing HR and Payroll in India

Adds to your peace of mind: The laws for employee management are ever changing. The benefit of outsourcing HR function business gives you more time to focus on your actual business. The company you have outsourced your function ensures good practices and keeps up with regulations. These companies are experts in their field and can ensure that you don’t have to face litigation.

Cheaper costs:

Whether you are starting out or are an established business, every penny saved goes into your profits. HR and Payroll departments can be quite expensive because of the number of staff required. Outsourcing these functions in India decreases the cost substantially while maintaining quality.

Faster hiring processes:

Unfilled positions in any company can drastically reduce efficiency. The method of hiring new employees can be both time consuming and stressful. When you outsource these functions to India, this process becomes more comfortable. Apart from the reduced stress, companies that you outsource to have a talent pool the can dip into making it faster.

Being able to focus on work:

Employees and upper management alike have specific talents and skills. When you outsource your HR and Payroll functions to India, your team can focus on their work rather than be bogged down with other jobs. Rather than have to spend time on figuring out taxes, salaries and attendance your staff can do what they’re good at.

Keeping your talent pool happy:

Every CEO will acknowledge that their employees are the backbone of their enterprise. Whether you have a staff of just a few or your company employs large numbers, grievances and problems are always present. By outsourcing HR functions to India, you can be confident that you have the best people to take care of your employees. A good outsourcing company will ensure that you not only retain your talent pool but keep your staff happy thus increasing efficacy. See the best features of a Payroll Software that can benefit small businesses in India.


Whether you are part of the upper management or the owner, you know that getting the right people for the job is imperative. When looking for employees, our objective is to find an expert in the field that you require. When it comes to HR and Payroll the same is true. To ensure that your company can provide the best care to these integral people, you should entrust them to the experts in HR and Payroll.

However, not all companies are the same. You should be sure to choose the best one for your needs. Hivepayroll is the most reliable company in their field in India and has the best HR and Payroll software. This is the best way to ensure that your employees are happy and well taken care of while cutting costs and reducing stress.