Having tons of different jobs before taking a long-term one.

There is a famous proverb in Persian which says that “working is a self-perpetuating asset.” According to the proverb, working with its unique nature provides priceless experience, which can be utilized throughout one’s life. Having a career, indeed, could have an absolutely essential role in human’s life; particularly, the youth, whose productive role in a society is indisputable and undeniable. Imposing the discipline they need, the youngsters are aspire to more work. Keeping this fact in mind, some people are of the opinion that, it is better to experience a great deal of different kinds of jobs, while many people think otherwise. I would personally subscribe to the view that trying many different jobs is a good idea for a great number of reasons, among which distinctive characteristics of the young, practical experiences, and economy are of paramount consequence.

To begin with, young people have characteristics in common including, patience, having an agile mind, and physical stamina, to name but a few. Mentioned attributes come together and allow them to cultivate an efficient working relationship with their co-workers. Considering one of the features, namely, physical stamina, the young is conspicuously able to deal with any sort of work. Furthermore, they are free and not conditioned to a specific job; hence, it is worthwhile trying various kinds of careers on the grounds that they can realize their creative and initiative talents and interests. As a result of this, their gifts will flourish in conjunction with their spontaneity and creativity.

Having discussed the issue from the previous point of view, I would rather look at it from another perspective. Trying different kinds of jobs is intriguing and in the long run, it will possibly lead to gaining more experience and knowledge about various professions. It results in one’s being hard-bitten and broadens his or her horizon toward the job market. Besides, they are experienced enough and are less exposed to making mistakes; hence, becomes well-suited, and learns how to conform to the rules and principles. It is worth mentioning that this would definitely help him or her get highly versatile, and consequently creates brilliant career opportunities. Without any shadow of doubt, employers are prone to choose who are knowledgeable and have previous experience linked to the offered job.

Another privilege of this has to do with economic aspects. For instance, having enough experience with regard to electrical devices, one can readily repair his or her electrical appliances at home, or having sufficient skills in repairing cars, one can repair his or her car autonomously without having the mechanic do the task. Therefore, the money that was supposed to be spent would remain in pocket. Also, they can obtain extra financial support as their part-time job.

Taking all above-mentioned arguments into consideration, it can be concluded that, trying different jobs could be the stepping stone for one’s future and can most likely pave the way for him or her to achieve his or her personal fullfilment, earn extra money, broaden experience about a wide variety of jobs, and finally engender self-confidence. In the end, I would like to bring a quote from a philosopher, whose name eludes me at the moment, once said, “Never regret what mistakes you have made in your life. In fact, regret what you have never done, but you should have done.”

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