It’s Time to Have a Site for Power Tool Sharing

From Coffee to Ideas

Mind mapping on tracing paper. And yes, I love sketching on tracing paper.
  • The Beginners — Want to learn how to DIY.
  • The Crafters — Know the tools, but don’t own many, often need the tools for short term.
  • The Professionals — Need a network for big machine renting and storage.
  • Make their own furniture
  • DIY home remodeling for unmovable areas: floor, roof, etc.
  • Build projects for clients on sites

Creating a Brand for the Makers

A common bar clamp used in wood shops.
Tada! A brand is born with the logotype in Clearview.
Along with some branded icons!

Sketching Out the Bones

Sketches of the wireframes.

From Sketches to SKETCH

Some Highlights

A homepage for both marketing and utility.
Beginner-friendly explore section.
Using existing data to suggest products to lenders for better categorization.

The Final Designs

  1. Search for a drill and finish the rental process
  2. Post a tool you want to lend to others




UX Product designer optimizing experiences.

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UX Product designer optimizing experiences.

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