#MumbaiRains : what to do, what not to do

Nature’s fury has hit mumbai again with an almost repeat of the 26 July rains.

If you are at home.

  1. If you live in the ground floor and are in a low lying area move to the first or second floor.

2. Secure your important documents like Aadhar and passport in a safe and dry place.

3. Do not venture out. DO NOT venture out.

4. Keep warm. Stock yourself with food when shops are open.

5. Open your house to people who are stranded. It is amazing when you do that. This could well be the party you never planned.

6. Please please please accommodate stray animals in your building. Don’t let them drown.

7. Turn off electricity.

If you are on the road.

  1. Try taking the metro. It is the safest bet. It is crowded. But it will reach the destination.

2. Go to the closest friends place. Don’t hesitate to seek help. Not everyone is forthcoming in offering help, it doesn’t mean they are unkind, they are just not vocal about their willingness to be of help. If you have to assume, assume that your friends are lovely people wanting to help you.

3. Don’t attempt walking on the railway tracks. Get to the road.

4. Rush to the closest gurudwara or any religious space that is being helpful. The Sikhs are lovely people who stand up to. humanity and offer refuge and langars.

5. If you are driving, keep your windows open. You could get jammed inside and suffocate.

6. Be careful when the winds blow hard. Ensure that you don’t have any tree or coconut falling on you.

If you wish to help.

  1. Open your doors to strangers.

2. Join the lovely group of street watchers and road altruists who offer buiscuits and tea for free. Please keep some medicines handy. Just in case people are feeling giddy.

3. Take to the streets and help people navigate through traffic.

4. Some phones are jammed and some phones are rain soaked, please offer your phones for people to call.

5. Tweet, facebook, whatsapp any genuine help that’s available.

6. Please please please. A personal request – accommodate stray animals in your building. Especially if you are in a low lying area, please don’t let animals and birds drown.

7. Please do not insist on making noise for Ganpati festivities. Least you can do to seek blessings is not add to the chaos

8. Thank thank and thank. Everyone who is helping, thank them. It will take you a long way.

Here is a list of people who have tweeted to help. Please refer and seek help.