Writers of Medium, Please Stop Writing About Writing
Meg Furey

This was such a case of “just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t true” at first haha Because I LOVE this piece, but at first I was like dang, writing is all I want to write about sometimes! My most popular piece is about writing and how insecurity can feed it, quickly making it an addiction. I love that piece, I’m proud of it — but looking back, it’s not just about writing — there’s a bigger point. And I think that’s the key — as long as you write about writing, at least make it original, damn it! Just like this piece! It’s meta, and is an original criticism. The best pieces are ones that let the reader come away with it having learned something or thought about something differently, you’re totally right. Writing about writing isn’t writing — it’s therapy.

Great piece! Really enjoy your voice.

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