Why do we work? We work to get the things done we need to do to survive. Farming, making clothes, building shelter. I work to earn money to buy food, clothes, and shelter. As my family’s sole wage earner, I work to earn that money for my whole family. I have more money than I need today, so I give some away and save some for the future when there is an emergency or I want to retire.

I earn more money than I need, so I want my work mean something in and of itself. Earlier in my career…

When you lead an organization, there are plenty of priorities competing for your time and energy. There are programs to lead, feedback to give, hiring and recruiting to move along, a vision to set, and team culture to cultivate. You can never do it all as well as you’d like. You try to balance and delegate, make room for failure, inspire then back off, and generally keep things moving along.

Sometimes tensions and anxiety is high. Sometimes it is particularly busy. Sometimes things are uncertain. Sometimes money or hours are particularly tight. Sometimes the world around you legitimizes hateful rhetoric…

Holly Allen

I’m Holly Allen, engineering director and eternal optimist. http://hollyallen.info

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