How to build a Twitter profile to be reckoned with (in 3 steps!)

You can’t just expect to tweet your way to victory, waiting for a flock of relevant followers to come your way — it takes more than that.

You’ve set a Twitter account up and that’s a great place to start but what can you do now that’s going to make having a Twitter account worthwhile?

Here’s how you can build a strong Twitter profile in just three simple steps.

Put time and effort into building an optimised profile

If your profile is missing a company logo, a descriptive Twitter biography and cover photo imagery that shouts out to your audience, you need to prioritise these three Twitter account must-haves.

What would you think if you landed on a company’s Twitter account, without a logo or a simple description of what they actually do? Would you follow that account? I”ll answer that for you, it’s probably a no.

You need to intrigue users and encourage them to follow your Twitter account. What will they get from following you? Actionable tips? The latest industry news? You need to tell them.

Follow, follow, follow

When I say follow you need to only follow relevant people; people you deem as a potential customer. Do you work alongside business owners? Do you target fashion bloggers? Gathering some keywords that perfectly describe your demographic will make searching for those relevant followers a whole lot easier.

Typing in your keywords into the search bar on Twitter, and clicking on ‘people’, this will bring back results for anyone who has included those keywords in their Twitter biography.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get following. There’s a chance some will follow you back, giving you a few new followers right there and then!

Many brands worry about having a higher number of ‘following’ to ‘followers’ — this shouldn’t be your priority right now — as long as the followers you’re getting back are relevant, who really cares about the ratio?

As your brand gains a stronger presence on Twitter, you will start to generate followers without having to follow a huge number yourself.

But that’s not the aim right now people — keep your eyes on the prize.

Share a wide variety of content and measure it

From quotes to infographics to opinions and news pieces, you need to start sharing a wide variety of content — keep it relevant to your audience, though. Switching it up with different kinds of content can help you understand which kind of content resonates with your audience.

Be sure not to solely promote your own content and products/services, no one likes a self-promoter. Your aim with Twitter should be to educate your audience through interesting and engaging content. They share and interact with it, your brand gains more followers and a great reputation for sharing useful content for your industry.

Don’t forget to measure visitors coming to your site from Twitter so you can measure the full impact of your Twitter strategy.

Extra tip: Sign up for a free account with Bitly link shortener. You can track how popular your Twitter links are through their straightforward dashboard.

P.S. You can’t just carry out these three steps and BOOM you’ve finished. You need to actively participate in all three if you’re serious about getting results!

Got a question? Drop me an email: — happy to help any way I can.