Free Write: The Words We Use

@ Quenblackwell (ig/TikTok) made a reel/TikTok the other day expressing how hard life is when you are a victim of other people’s stupidity. She ended with a plea to “read a book!” I feel that.

I don’t think everyone is stupid but I think a lot of people are lazy. I think it is easier for some people to conflate words to avoid facing truths about themselves and the world. Do you! But I do not need the “self healed guru of repressed emotions and undealt trauma” explaining therapy to me.

Our words are so much more powerful than we give them credit for. Using words like “sane” or “insane” to talk about therapy; or equating the need for therapy as a reflection of someone’s strength or weakness is invalidating, mislead, and ignorant. There is no right or wrong way to get where you want to be and that terminology is disparaging to other’s journey towards healing. It is offensive and those words make an impact. Hence, why I have been bitching about it for a week now.

It really does not help the sentiment came from a coworker who knows my trauma, knows I go to therapy once a week, and knows I frequently speak openly about my struggles. The words they used are words that make it an unsafe place for people with trauma to share. Do you think I’m insane, coworker? Am I less sane because I go to therapy, coworker? Am I weak because I go to therapy, coworker? Who is the benchmark for sanity anyway?

In 2022 if this is still your narrative around therapy… Read a book!


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